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Nanoosh: A Modern Spin on Mediterranean Food



Nanoosh gives Mediterranean food a modern spin with its wide variety of wraps, sandwiches, and salads available. Nanoosh has signature powerfood plates, which will ensure that you have a fulfilling meal. Earlier this week, the restaurant held their grand opening of the new location over in the Fashion District. Located at 469 7th Avenue, this is the perfect location to open up a restaurant that offers something that other fast food restaurants don’t: quality and healthy Mediterranean food. At this moment, Nanoosh operates four locations in New York City and one in Berlin, with news that a new one will be opening in Fall 2015 around Rockefeller Center.

During this grand opening, Nanoosh pledged that 100% of the opening day proceeds would be donated to Action for Healthy Kids. Action for Healthy Kids is an organization that helps schools, parents, and volunteers support children in the quest for nutrition and physical activity for a healthier lifestyle. This is a perfect fit because the food that Nanoosh provides is all organic, from the teas and coffees to the salads and the wraps. My absolute favorite on the menu is the Chicken and Hummus Wrap, which happens to be one of the more popular items at Nanoosh With classics like the Baked Falafel Wrap and the Mediterranean Cheese Sandwich, you also have the option to create your own Powerfood Plate. You select a base (Farro, Quinoa Nanoosh, Power Greens, and Hummus); you then add your protein (Marinated Chicken, Chicken Shawa, Baked Falafel, Tunisian Boiled Egg, and Mediterranean Beef); you also get two free toppings that range from Hummus to Feta Cheese and Mixed Greens.


So all in all, with the variety of food and the atmosphere, Nanoosh provides a great place for a New Yorker or the ever present tourists to get a quick bite to eat. With so many fast food restaurants, it’s great to see healthier options available in the city.

If you have not tried Nanoosh yet, then make sure to make your way over to one of their locations. With this fourth location opening up in the Fashion District, it’s very easy to see that Nanoosh is destined to become a to-go place for New Yorkers to get quality Mediterranean good. Make sure to visit their website, where you can check out the full menu and order, as well.


Twisted Talk: Have you been to Nanoosh before? Will you visit the new location next time you are near Herald Square? Discuss below!

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