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NextGen Brings Innovation and Technology to the Kitchen



One of the most important tools in the kitchen has been revolutionized. The fact that the knife has been reworked so that it is more “comfortable” to use is something that has to be seen to be believed. NextGen is the first chef’s knife that fits perfectly to your hand. This means that your hand won’t cramp or hurt when you are chopping all those tomatoes and vegetables in the kitchen. This also means that it will make things easier for the professionals. So let’s take a look at this innovative and exciting new tool that will hit stores soon!

Technology and tradition meet to create a tool that will elevate the way that chefs use their tools in the kitchen. It is very easy and simple to purchase your own customized NextGen knife. Pushing the boundaries has always lead to new innovations that make our live easier; the smartphone, electricity, and so many other inventions that have made our lives that much more convenient. NextGen is made with an ergonomic handle that makes using the knife easier. Think of the knife fitting your hand like a glove. The knife and your hand will become one and this is due to the fact that you will scan your hand so that the knife is customized with only your unique hand shape. I have heard of customizing clothes and phones…but a knife? This is something new and unique.

NextGen is now working on raising funds to move this project further and you can help by visiting their Kickstarter page. As of now, some of the products that are in the works are the San Sebastian Pro 8” Chef’s Knife, which will be available for $109; San Sebastian Elite 8” Chef’s Knife, which will retail for $179; the San Sebastian Custom 8” Chef’s Knife, which will sell for $599 for those that want to have a unique hand grip. If you are a seasoned professional, or if you just enjoy the culinary arts, you can also invest in the Next Gen Puncture Resistant Knife Roll which will soon be available for $300.

The NextGen name San Sebastian derives from the city in Spain of the same name. The creators were influenced by the cuisine, the creativity, and the craftsmanship of that beautiful city in Spain. For more information on NextGen make sure to visit their website and their Kickstarter.

Twisted Talk: Do you see a need for the NextGen knife? Are you planning on getting your own NextGen knife for your kitchen needs? Discuss below!

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