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Nicole Saenz: An Artist On The Rise


Nicole Saenz, a local NYC artist shines at a Goldbar event! It’s funny; we see many artists living in NYC everyday, and yes, many of them are very talented, but Nicole’s work certainly stood out among the rest due to its dark and sultry, yet surreal, appeal. I was able to sit down with Nicole at an event featuring her work and really got an understanding of who she is and how she came about.

“Translating ideas and emotions into something tangible has been an essential part of the human experience for thousands of years, before written language. Like music, I love how art is a common ground and accessible to anyone. It can heal and serve as a metaphor for the creative process of nature.” –Nicole Saenz


As a young girl, Nicole was fascinated with X-Men Comic Books because they were so intricate and full of life. She would sit and trace them in her spare time, which ultimately only made her passion grow stronger. As she got older, she would draw images from life and even had family members comment on how accurate her artwork and drawings were to the real life object she was inspired by. Throughout high school her relationship with art was touch and go; but it never died.

Nicole SaenzAs she progressed onto college, she had decided to pursue a medical degree, but her heart was just not in it. On a whim, she began a Foundations of Drawing Class with Professor Dan Hess, the man who guided her to this wonderful and now fulfilling career. “Very shortly after, I was invited to show these drawings at the New Century Artist’s Gallery in Chelsea, NYC,” said Nicole.

Her story is inspiring not just to artists, but to anyone who is willing to follow their dreams and make them a reality. Drawing unleashes a side of Nicole that makes her question her perceptions and go beyond the obvious. This you will notice in her work. When we first saw some of her work at the Goldbar event, it was shocking, yet mysterious. When you meet her she is warm, charming, and very friendly. Her passion lights up her face as you discuss what inspires her, but when you view some of her work, you’re struck with raw, pure, emotion that is beautiful in such a sensual and emotional way.

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Nicole does sell her work, but there are special ones that will remain in her family for generations to come. If you want to see her work displayed, she will be at Webster Hall on September 4th, 2013 for the Quarterly Art Soiree. This event is lively with music, art, sculptures, and much more!


  1. X-men? When we last met you asked all the questions. Next time I learn from you. Professor O

  2. Uncommonly well written piece. When I met Nicole she humbly asked me all the questions. Upon reading about and seeing Nicole’s work, I realize she is a heart surgeon. Professor O

  3. I think your work is amazing & you’re a talented artist. I’m glad you followed your passion & not your head!

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