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Night Terrors: A Hilarious Take on Sex & Dating


Night Terrors

Warning: this book is not for everyone. Unless you have an open mind and don’t squirm easily, you can stop right here, because as the title implies, this book covers sex, dating, puberty and other alarming things–emphasis on alarming. Ashley Cardiff‘s debut novel, Night Terrors: Sex, Dating, Puberty, and Other Alarming Things is a great read for those looking for a good laugh. Reminiscent of Chelsea Handler’s My Horizontal Life, the book is comprised of short, laugh-out-loud anecdotes from the author’s life. Unlike Handler’s novel, though, Cardiff’s is less focused on sex and more focused on sexuality, growing up, and all the difficulties that come with it. Cardiff takes you through her sometimes relatable, sometimes insane experiences, from her sexual nightmares about Prince, to the difficulties of dating a mormon, to frequenting strip clubs and getting hit on in bars.

Everyone can relate to the awkward years when you are a young teen and don’t know a damn thing about what sex even is; Cardiff touches upon her awkward revelations in chapters ‘The First Time I Saw Porn’ and ‘My Family’s Homemade Sex Tapes.’ Ashley touches upon these relatable moments with honesty, wit, and a touch of crudeness. More than anything, Cardiff reflects upon her strange encounters and others’ opinions and inclinations on sex. While there are times in the book that are more serious, the author navigates through these touchy moments with grace and a minute later you will be laughing at her next awkward experience (see: The Time I Attended An Orgy).


As Deputy Editor of, Cardiff is no stranger to making others laugh with her witty intellect and her debut novel reflects her unapologetic, genuine and hilarious personality. It is sure that we can expect great things from this young author in the future, especially if she cuts back on using the word ‘tangentially.’ As far as summer beach reads go, this one is definitely going to entertain.

In honor of the book’s release on July 2nd, Manhattan with a Twist is having a giveaway! Enter here to win a FREE copy of the book! The winner will be announced on the release date. Good luck and happy reading!

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