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Nordic Invasion: North Festival Returns to New York



Ever since Noma made a name for itself by putting “dirt” on a plate and calling it gourmet food (the “soil” in its famous Vegetable Field dish is actually malt and hazelnut flour), Nordic gastronomy has been nabbing Michelin stars left, right and center. It’s just too bad Scandinavia is just so darn far away.

No plane ticket required, New Yorkers: The second annual North Festival – a celebration of Scandinavian cuisine – is returning to the city this September.

Hosted by Honest Cooking magazine, New York’s largest festival of Nordic gastronomy will be held September 13-20 across a number of locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The digital magazine will once again be teaming up with some of the world’s top restaurants and the International Culinary Center to present an array of tasty treats from the likes of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

“Last year’s North Festival was a great success for everyone involved and we are very excited to once again present and celebrate the very best of Nordic gastronomy right here in New York City,” says Kalle Bergman, Honest Cooking editor in chief and the festival’s founder.

With restaurants like Aquavit making waves on the New York scene, the event is set to be a popular one. “It is truly a testament to the fact that the New Nordic Cuisine is the most influential culinary movement in the world,” Bergman says.

Hankering for Noma’s avant garde chow? North Festival promises several Noma alumni among its participating chefs.

Watch this space for coverage of the event, and in the meantime, check out Honest Cooking for more information.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever been to Noma? Will you be heading to North Festival? Discuss below!

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