Til the Sun Comes Up — September 29, 2014 at 4:48 pm

#NYTough: Using Comedy to Combat Tough Times in the City




As New Yorkers, we know that we not only live in the greatest city on earth, but also the toughest. We’ve learned to deal with bed bugs, rats in the subway, garbage in the streets and unanticipated rain storms. But it hasn’t stopped us from trucking along. Procter & Gamble launched their #NYTough campaign, which celebrates the daily challenges faced by New Yorkers. Participating brands include Bounty, Tide, Dawn, Secret, Crest, Head & Shoulders and Febreze, all of which allow us to face each day not only looking great, but also feeling great.


As part of the promotion, a private comedy showcase was held last week at Caroline’s on Broadway, featuring top comedians Marlon Wayans, Sherri Shepard, Michelle Buteau and Michael Che. The comedians all faced their own challenge that evening — putting on a hilarious show without using any swear words, dirty jokes, racial puns, etc…but miraculously, they all rose to the challenge. Marlon Wayans kicked off the evening with a lyrical rap masterpiece, which featured all of the participating brands and then handed the mic off to the other comedians. Throughout the show, they recounted how not only are P&G products fantastic for their intended use, but can also double as sneaky weapons of thievery (Bounty), plates (Bounty), and bubble bath (Dawn). If you are anyone who’s anyone, you own at least one of these fab P&G products, so you know how amazing they are. P&G invites all New Yorkers to share their own #NYTough moments on Twitter…from the funny to the flaky.

Twisted Talk: Which P&G product do you use the most? Will you share your #NYTough moments with us? Discuss below!



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