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OAK73: Original.American.Kind



American Made. Stylish. Classy. Unique. These are some of the words that can be used to describe the new clothing and accessories brand Oak73 that has been launched for the Spring ’14 season. The founder of Oak73 has a very interesting and impressive background. Matthew Dunne studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated from the University of Michigan. After this, he worked at prestigious companys such as Ralph Lauren, Isaac Mizrahi, J. Mendel, The Row, Carolina Herrera, and Michael Kors. Oak73 got its name from the street address and the year that Matthew Dunne’s parents met.

Oak73’s slogan is “Original.American.Kind.”  Judging by the clothes and accessories that I saw on their website, they are definitely original. The patterns on the clothing are very eclectic and appealing to the masses. There is something there for everyone, even for the pickiest shoppers, like me. Every T-shirt, tank, jacket, skirt and dress that Oak 73 has online is original and has unique patterns. The clothing is very bright and fits in perfectly with the spring season. Everything is 100% produced in the U.S., with 75% of that being in New York City. Not only is Oak73 creating and supporting American jobs, but they also purchase excess fabrics that would normally go to waste. Can this brand get any better?

Oak73 also gives customers the option to help in the design process through social media. The worst thing that can happen is that you are wearing an amazing outfit at a party or on the street and you turn around and see someone wearing the same thing you’re wearing. Oak73 has limited selling quantities so there is a very slim chance that you’ll see someone wearing the same outfit you have on. The site also has a notification feature that will tell customers when an item is close to selling out.

Prices range from $25-$290 and feature a wide variety of clothing and bags. As someone that is picky when it comes to shopping I found products that if I had the chance to, I would definitely purchase. The Pink Sparkle Tweed Jacket along with the Pink Sparkle Skirt is a combination that I can see myself wearing to work, to an interview, or to an important meeting. The Berry Floral Satchel is one of the items that I immediately fell in love with and, as of now, am coveting.

While at first I thought that the clothing seemed preppy and I usually don’t wear stuff like that, I found myself loving the different patterns and the accessories. I can see myself pulling off and feeling comfortable in these clothes. Oak73 is definitely a brand to watch out for; especially considering that they are producing these clothes in America…we need more brands like that since they are creating jobs and also eliminating waste! I foresee Oak73 becoming an even bigger brand.

For more information and to start shopping you can visit www.oak73.comYou can also get 25% off your first order by using Code GIFT4U!

Twisted Talk: What do you think about Oak73? Will you be shopping there for clothes and accessories? Discuss below!

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