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Old School French Fare Gets Dished Out at Le Périgord


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Back in the day, things were done a certain way. People got dressed up in their finest clothes and jewelry to go out to dinner, they took in shows at the theater regularly, and they expected a certain level of service and attentiveness when they spent a night on the town. Nowadays, it’s more rare to don your finest attire for a night out, and when you do, you aren’t even guaranteed first class service, or even a first class meal. Le Périgord stands out amongst its neighbors by doing things  the way things used to be done. Established in 1964, Le Périgord, located in Midtown East, is a place that brings you back in time, serving up premiere French cuisine, complete with waitstaff donned in tuxedos, starched white linen tablecloths, and an elegant atmosphere.

Tucked in on a side street off of 1st Ave, the Midtown gem can easily be missed. But once inside, you’ll immediately be transported from New York straight to France. The restaurant is certainly old school, and for some, may even seem a bit stuffy, but the staff is genial and the food is worth it, as can be witnessed by the customers who likely have been dining at the establishment for decades. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Carson a la Downton Abbey was somewhere behind the scenes ensuring everything ran smoothly.


Traditional French fare comprises the menu, with delicious appetizers like La bisque de homard (lobster bisque), which was not too creamy and filled with succulent lobster flavor, and Fricassée d’escargots au beurree de noisette et champignons des bois (escargots in hazelnut butter with wild mushrooms), which was cooked just right. A surprise standout were the seasonal zucchini blossoms, which were stuffed with cooked mushrooms and doused in a creamy truffle sauce.


Entrees remain traditional, with options ranging from Beef Bourguignon and Calf Liver to Beef Wellington, Dover Sole and Roasted Duck. We stuck with a couple of beef dishes, including the unparalleled beef bourguignon and the grilled filet mignon, which was served with a black truffle sauce. (They seem to be big on the truffle sauce here and we must say, we aren’t complaining.)


Desserts are nothing to skip out on — the restaurant’s legendary ‘temptation trolley’ will come around to your table, beckoning you to order any array of desserts they have to offer. A selection of soufflés, tarts, and cakes make for an impossible decision, as well as their famous Floating Island, which is a marshmallow-y treat served in vanilla créme anglaise. Walking home with a doggy bag full of desserts ensured we tried a plethora of what they have to offer and if we’re being honest, not one bite was left over.

Also, if you’re looking for a bang for your buck, stop by during Restaurant Week, where Le Périgord serves some of their most popular dishes for an insanely reduced prix fixe of $38, as opposed to their regular prix fixe menu, which goes for $75. World class French food served in the heart of Midtown, just as it should be, can be found at Le Périgord.

Twisted Talk: Have you dined at Le Périgord before? What was your experience? Discuss below!

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