The Twisted Library — February 27, 2015 at 12:04 pm

One Well Seasoned Coffee Table Book



Avid traveler and accomplished nature photographer Rebecca Webb Wilson showcases the seasons of life photographed and illuminated by her unconventional but uplifting take on life in her collage of photographs and essays entitled Well Seasoned: Savoring Life’s Lessons.

Pairing carefully crafted words (in enlarged text for senior eyes) with more than 100 full-color images, Rebecca savors the clarity that time and experience make possible for all who journey, explore, and love to savor life’s lessons.

This book is excellent to give as a gift, makes for great conversation as a coffee table piece, and even is enjoyed on a cooler winter night by the fire. The keepsake is one of those books you can pick up and read anytime, put down, and pick up again with effortless enjoyment. Filled with thoughtful quotations and bits of poetry, this book shares the author’s abundant gratitude for the sudden surprises and unexpected joys revealed in nature’s seasons, and her own passing “seasons” and life’s little lessons.

Share this journey with someone you love and savor life’s lessons, enjoy stunning photography, and pretty poetry. Rebecca Wilson’s work will fill your soul with happiness, serenity, and uplifting feelings.

Twisted Talk: Are you familiar with Rebecca’s work? What’s your favorite coffee table book? Discuss below!

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