Food For Thought — July 6, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Otto’s Tacos Opens Up a New Location



I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love tacos. And Otto’s Tacos is a well-known LA-inspired street style taco joint that has numerous locations throughout the city. Back in June, founder Otto Cedeno opened up their latest location on the Upper East Side, where customers can enjoy all of the fixings they’ve come to love at their East Village, Hell’s Kitchen and West Village outposts.


Known for their fresh masa tortillas stuffed with traditional fillings like carnitas, chicken, carne asada and shrimp, Otto’s Tacos offers up a simple, yet crave-able solution to your taco needs. They even has a seasonal veggie taco (currently Brussels sprouts) that’s to die for. Other staples at Otto’s include the gorgon, (a fried flour tortilla topped with charred tomato salsa, protein of your choice, Serrano cream and guacamole), salads and side dishes like their masa fries and chips and guac. And don’t count out their churros, which are insanely fluffy inside, with a crispy exterior, and served with chocolate sauce and dulce de leche.



Not only is the new location dangerously close to my gym (post workout tacos anyone), but it also has a very Instagrammable wall outside featuring raining tacos. Which is way better than raining men if you ask me.

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