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Pamper Your Feline Friend



KitNipBox is a monthly subscription service for cat owners that makes it easy for the pet proud to keep their feline friend happy with the fun treats and toys that they receive each month. Each box contains a variety of full size treat bags, toys, and even health products so that you don’t run out!

There are a variety of monthly subscription services that have been created over the past few years that make our lives more convenient. The best thing about monthly subscriptions is that you already know that you have a box coming your way every month and therefore you don’t have to go and shop for supplies that you may need. It is very easy and simple to get started with KitNipBox. Once you go to the KitNipBox website, all you have to do is sign up and give them some information about your cat. Once you have done that, you are then given two subscription plans to choose from. The Happy Cat KitNipBox is created for one cat and the monthly subscription is $19, and then you have the Multi-Cat KitNipBox, which is $29. One of the best things is that you don’t even pay for shipping!



Every cat owner should definitely check out KitNipBox because it just eases your mind and takes away some unneeded stress from everyday responsibilities. There is nothing better than having your cat happy, healthy, and active with toys. So why not have something that is regular and convenient for your cat? If you are looking to give your cat a gift for this holiday season, make sure to get them a KitNipBox subscription. Make sure to visit KitNipBox, to subscribe and get your first box by January 2nd!

Twisted Talk: Is this something you would use for your feline friend?  Is this something that is convenient for you? Discuss below!

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