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Performing in the Buff for Charity



I see London, I see France, I see… a bunch of Broadway stars naked onstage? Some of Broadway’s biggest stars will be performing in the buff at the annual fundraiser Broadway Bares, benefiting Broadway Cares. Since its conception in 1992, the fundraiser has become one of the highly anticipated philanthropic events in New York.

“This year’s theme is ROCK HARD!” said Broadway Bares performer Adam Chandler. “It’s a strip tease event in the vein of a variety show.” On Sunday June 22nd at Hammerstein Ballroom people will see everything from Elvis to Tina Turner to Queen and Janet Jackson.

Nick Kenkel brings together the finest dancers and performers in the industry, while being the choreographer and director of the show.

“I’m elated to be in the opening number with some of my fellow Bares alums,” Chandler said. “Think Twisted Sister + AC/DC + Lots of spandex and big hair = me.” He plays a head banger for the opening act and promises that every performer delivers the high energy the audience wants.

“Well, gay, straight or otherwise, there is something for everyone,” Chandler said. “People do get down to nothing, but there is always something to cover the naughty bits.” One of Chandler’s memorable strip tease moments was a scene with a lifeguard baring it all with only a floatation device to cover him.


Currently in its 24th year, Broadway Bares and Broadway Cares have raised over $144 million for HIV/AIDS Initiative, The Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative, The Al Hirschfield Free Health Clinic and more. “There is still so much work to do,” Chandler said. “I will gladly get naked if it means I can raise donations to help a fellow human being live more comfortably.”

Originally from a small town in Indiana, Chandler discovered his love for dancing and singing and knew Broadway was in his future. “After attending Ball State University I packed my bags and moved to NYC and haven’t looked back since,” he said.

Chandler started participating in Broadway Bares in 2008 and has enjoyed every moment. The first time working the show, he was a VIP waiter wearing nothing but a speedo and smile. “Last year, I was in full drag. I’ve never done it before but it was a tribute to Nomi from Showgirls,” he said. “I rocked a black bob hairdo and 5 inch patent leather boots.”

“As a child of the 80s I can’t wait to blow the roof off of Hammerstein Ballroom,” Chandler said. “The louder the better. Pass the Aquanet and a can of Tab, please.”

All the performers set a goal of an amount they want to raise for the event. In 2013, Chandler was able to raise $18,500 from generous donors. This year he has raised his goal to an astonishing $20,000 and he is looking for help. Even $5 makes a big difference and instead of ordering that Venti Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino from Starbucks, donate that money to a worthy cause. Donations of $250 and more are tax deductible. “I might not know future supporters, but I am thanking them in an advance,” Chandler said.

Twisted Talk: Will you be attending Broadway Bares this weekend? What do you think of this year’s theme? Discuss below!

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