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Plakinger: Dressing the Modern Day Woman



German brand Plakinger was founded by Svetlana Ziggel and her mother Galina Plakinger, and features luxurious clothing made with exquisite fabric that encompasses a modern femininity with a timeless feel. This is the brand that every woman should look to when dressing to take charge and address the boardroom, or to go out and take over the world.

I’ve always loved wearing a powerful pantsuit, especially since I grew up watching powerful women like Hillary Clinton wear them and make it look good. Plakinger starts off with pantsuits in every collection. The menswear inspired pieces have a touch of femininity, but still manage to keep true to the menswear clothing that it was inspired by. It has been softened with feminine silhouettes to create the Plakinger look, but it still manages to exert an elegant, sensual and powerful woman. The key to creating a good balance between femininity and masculinity in menswear inspired clothing (like pantsuits) is to know what works and what doesn’t, and in this case it seems that Plakinger’s dynamic and strong elements seen in the Spring/Summer 2015 season strike the perfect balance.

plakinger-look-2-ss-15 plakinger-look-6-ss-15

The Summer/Spring 2015 collection features a lot of features a variety, with pieces that range from very structured to more relaxed. I have to say that from the royal blue rompers and pantsuits to the sequin dress and the pink tops, I have fallen in love with almost every piece. This collection truly represents the aesthetic of Plakinger.

The colors used in the collection are very vibrant and stand out from a crowd. The deep blue jumpsuit and blazers  are made with a mixture of linen and silk blend, giving them a very luxurious look. The jump-out-at-you pink tops are feminine without being over the top and can be styled in different ways, depending on your mood. The brand has garnered the attention of many national magazines and for good reason, too. This is the answer to dressing the modern day woman.

plakinger-look-11-ss-15 plakinger-look-18-ss-15

To see more of Plakinger’s Summer/Spring 2015 collection or any of their previous collection, make sure to visit their website at www.byplakinger.com.

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