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Pop the Pink Party: The Fat Jew’s Latest Rosé



While Summer is well under way, it’s not over yet! Which means there’s plenty of time left for pool parties, rooftop hangs and rosé. Whether your favorite hashtag is #RoséAllDay or #YesWayRosé, there’s a brand new rosé on the market that New Yorkers can get excited about.  


From the politically incorrect comedian and social media celeb, Josh Ostrovsky, better known as the Fat Jew comes PINK PARTY Rosé with Bubbles. You may remember when he partnered with Tanner and David Oliver Cohen, of Twitter’s ‘White Girl Problems,’ to launch White Girl Rosé in 2015 following the rosé shortage in the Hamptons. Last year, staying true to their “basic” motto, they launched BABE Rosé––a canned rosé with bubbles.

Sailing down the Hudson, PINK PARTY Rosé launched last month with entertainment royalty during its debut on a 4-floor yacht party. Guests included Grammy-award winning musician Diplo, RHONY Dorinda Medley and Co-founder The Fat Jew.


A medium-bodied sparkly rosé with notes of honeydew and cantaloupe, PINK PARTY Rosé pairs well with fruit, light salads, seafood, brunch, rooftops and Instagram. Rosé seems to be more popular in the summer because of its pale pink color and perfect pairing of lighter dishes but you can drink rosé all year round. Between ‘White Girl Rose becoming the No. 2 best-selling rosé in New York state in 2015 and the combined 15 millions social media followers of the founders, we have no doubt that PINK PARTY Rosé will be a hit and an Instagram favorite.  

According to the Founders, “Inside the bottle is a party. You should be celebrating literally EVERYTHING!” So let’s raise a glass and toast to rosé!

Twisted Talk: Are you a fan of rosé? Which of these three rosés is your favorite? Discuss below!

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