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Pre-Made Classic Whisky Cocktails


It’s that time of year again. That time of year when families get together to put up their trees, buy gifts for their loved ones, and stock up on their favorite bourbons and whiskeys for hot toddies, egg nog, Old Fashioneds, and Manhattan recipes. Just in time for the holidays, comes the new line of Prohibition-inspired whisky cocktail drinks, Studebaker.

Pre-made cocktails that feature premium rich Canadian whisky, Studebaker is bringing cocktail history to a whole new generation. During the Prohibition years in the states, Americans looked to their northern neighbor, Canada, where whisky was distilled legally.

STUDEBAKER Old Fashioned

So just what is the history behind the Old-Fashioned? Bar-lore states that whiskey enthusiasts have been drinking Old-Fashioned cocktails since the early 19th century as a pre-breakfast cocktail. Pre-breakfast? That will get your day off to a great start!! But then whisky lovers noticed bartenders began getting too creative with the classic recipe. Unhappy whisky connoisseurs began calling for a return to “old-fashioned cocktails.” The boom of the Old-Fashioned cocktail began. Unfortunately, Prohibition put a big halt on the fast-growing whisky cocktail because American whisky was no longer vastly available. Americans turned to Canada and other countries for their supply. Thirteen years of Prohibition couldn’t keep the Old-Fashioned down, though. It came back with a vengeance and is now being made with a variety of other whiskeys, like Canadian whisky.

STUDEBAKER Manhattan 3

The history of the Manhattan is a little hazy. Sometimes coined ‘The Grandfather’ of American cocktails, the drink made its debut in the 1880s, and was the first American cocktail to use sweet vermouth as a blend. The famous Manhattan Club in New York City claims the regal drink was created there for Winston Churchill’s mother, Lady Randolph. Others disagree with this legend. Maybe it was simply named after the best borough in the city. But most likely not. Others say it was created by a bartender named Black in 1880. Whichever legend you tell at your holiday party,  your guests will love the royal cocktail.

Made with Canadian whisky, Studebaker’s cocktail lineup includes a Manhattan—featuring sweet vermouth and bitters with maraschino cherry—and Old Fashioned, blended with cherry, orange and bitter. They will be a big hit at any holiday party or a great “just because” cocktail.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever tried pre-made cocktails? What’s your favorite whisky cocktail? Discuss below!

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