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Pretty Fly for a Hot Sauce



I like it hot, hot, hot!

And I know I’m not the only one. We all know Beyoncé carries hot sauce in her bag and she’s not the only musician to have an affinity for the spicy. Dexter Holland of the multi-platinum band The Offspring realized he had some chops in the kitchen and came to launch the hot sauce brand Gringo Bandito.


Originally beginning as a hobby, Holland found himself whipping up batches of the sauce for friends and family around the holidays. Now, Gringo Bandito has grown into a national brand, available in three different varieties, including Red, Green and Super Hot. The sauces are all natural, gluten-free, contain zero preservatives and work with paleo-friendly diets. They also contain 70% less salt than other brands such as Cholula, making it a healthy option to enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes (you can also find recipes on the Gringo Bandito website).


We loved trying out all three varieties of the hot sauce on our homemade breakfast tacos. The Original Red sauce is a mild heat sauce; the Green uses unripened habaneros in lieu of tomatillos, giving it just a bit more heat than the original; the Super Hot is a great option for those who like extra heat, it’s made with Jolokia ghost pepper, as well as scorpion peppers to enhance it’s flavor, but it’s not too hot that you’ll be breathing fire. True to its name, these hot sauces appeal to gringos who want some spice without turning into a dragon.


The popular sauce is ranked as a top 10 hot sauce on Amazon and is available in the US at big stores, such as Stop & Shop. We think Gringo Bandito is just as fly as its creator and his band. Luckily, The Offspring will be playing nearby in Wantagh at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater on Saturday, September 16th. Don’t miss your opportunity to snag some tickets before they’re all sold out! We hope to see you there!

Twisted Talk: Are you a hot sauce fanatic? What are your favorite foods to add it to? Discuss below!

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