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Pumpkin Does The Skin Good



Pumpkin is the fruit of the season and while some may think that its health benefits only extend to those who consume it, others know that it has more uses than as a food. Pumpkins are loaded with vitamins, including vitamins A, C, and E, as well as magnesium, copper, potassium and zinc. Pumpkins are not only anti-inflammatory, but also help with healing, purifying and anti-aging. Kim Schanzer, co-founder of Pulse Laser & Skincare Center in New York City, says, “Pumpkin renews and hydrates the skin. In addition, the natural enzymes in pumpkin remove the outer layer of dead skin, exposing fresh, new skin.” The skincare center offers clients pumpkin treatments exclusively using Rhonda Allison products, which combine the natural benefits of pumpkin along with scientific skincare. Additionally, the beta carotene found in pumpkins help to promote collagen and elastin production and also serves to sooth sensitive skin and reduce redness. All of these properties make for one hell of a skincare treatment! While some of you may already be on your way out the door to book a treatment at Pulse, others do not have the luxury to afford such treatment. Luckily, Ms. Schanzer offers us some high quality homeopathic pumpkin skin treatments to try at home.

For the following recipes, the pulp can be used fresh, or cooked and pureed. Although some of the enzymes will be lost during the heating process, the pumpkin’s benefits will still be effective.

pumpkin mask

4 tablespoons of peeled pumpkin
4 teaspoons of corn flour
2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel
2 teaspoons of mashed pineapple
1 teaspoon of green tea or ground sage
½ teaspoon of sunflower oil.

Prepare green tea and let it rest a bit. While that is cooling down, combine pineapple, honey, pumpkin, and aloe gel. Add to that sunflower oil and then green tea. Mix well. Apply the mix on the face and neck and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. This amount is enough for 4 applications, one application twice a week. Keep it in a glass jar, tightly closed and refrigerated. It is not to be used after 2 weeks. Note: Honey has humectant (draws moisture to the skin) and anti-fungal properties. Pumpkin’s natural enzymes gently exfoliate (digest and remove the dead proteins from the surface of skin).  Pineapple, as well, has natural enzymes that exfoliate.

For the body, mix some pumpkin puree with a bit of Epsom salt or brown sugar. Make sure the mixture is not too liquid and that you can feel the coarseness of the salt/sugar. For the face, use baking soda in place of the Epsom salt/brown sugar, and some honey for an added humectant effect. Take a shower, make sure your skin is moist. Apply the scrub in circular motion. Rinse off when done and for best results, apply some hydrating lotion after the treatment. 

Mix pumpkin and petroleum jelly in equal quantity and massage on your clean washed heels regularly. Cover with a pair of socks to keep the mixture in place and allow the mixture to absorb into the skin. Leave on overnight. Use several times a week for maximum results.

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