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RealEats is a Food Delivery Service with a Mission



Chefs Dale Talde, Bill Telepan, Silvia Baldini and Katy Sparks are just a few of the first people to get behind the launch of RealEats, a home delivery food service that aims to bring healthy, delicious meals into New York homes. The sous-vide based cooking method is an ideal way to improve on the food delivery subscription business model, especially with culinary heavyweights like Talde, Telepan, and Baldini’s support behind it. Each month will feature the recipes of one of these great chefs to kick off this disruptive food option out of a restaurant kitchen and into your home.

pork ragu cavatelli

shrimp roll

The meals are nutritionist-approved and chock full of nutrients, flavor, and freshness, and is the ultimate solution for wanting to eat healthy, real food, but not having the time to cook a full blown meal. RealEats meals capitalize on locally sourced proteins like hormone-free pork, beef and chicken, wild-caught fish, and fresh herbs and produce. Meals are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, often drawing inspiration from various non-profits and organizations devoted to a specific cause.

With the simple yet clever tag line of “Receive it. Heat it. Eat it.” you’ll never forget how it works, or how easy it is to access delicious, healthy meals.

Twisted Talk: Is RealEats something you’d be interested in? Are you a lazy home cook? Discuss below!

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