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Return of the Hometown Hero


the homecoming“After all the worry and tension of afternoon, it occurred to her that she was stuck with Seth.  He wasn’t going anywhere.  He was going to be around every corner.  They were going to be seeing each other no matter how she decided to behave.  She could be mad, hold a grudge, refuse to get over her bad high school experience or she could let this play out and find out more about herself and Seth in the process.” (110)

Once upon a time, Seth Sileski had it all. Handsome, popular, star athlete with a full football scholarship…life and its possibilities seemed endless. That is, until a fateful car accident changed everything.

The Homecoming, written by Robyn Carr, is all about forgiveness and its many shapes and forms. In the small town of Thunder Point, we see misunderstandings between best friends, families that have trouble expressing their feelings, a battered teenager refusing help, and a man returning home to come to terms with his past. Fifteen years after his accident, Seth has a hand in all of these.

Coming home to serve as the new deputy, Seth is dedicated to his town, his family, and most of all, to winning back his childhood best friend, Iris. Bonds are tested and some are made stronger, but not all last. To forgive and move on may take more strength than both Seth and Iris realize.

Robyn Carr’s characters are relatable and a joy to get to know. What I probably appreciated the most was how startlingly realistic the relationships between family and friends were portrayed. While a little predictable, The Homecoming is a comfortable read – great for curling up on a sofa on a rainy day!  This was my first Thunder Point novel and I would definitely return to visit the town again.

Twisted Talk:  Could you forgive someone who broke your heart?  Have you?  Discuss below!

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