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Rocco Steakhouse is Welcomed to Flatiron



The Flatiron area is home to many epicurean delights that highlight an array of dining styles, but there is one niche that has been waiting to be filled, until recently. A modern steakhouse. Rocco Steakhouse, located near Madison Square Park, and has taken the traditional steakhouse to the next level with sleek décor and top notch food and service.

Walking through the glass doors, diners will be surprised to notice the expansive space of the restaurant. With a large bar area, main dining room and a private room that can hold up to 60 people, Rocco Steakhouse is the perfect place to go from a quick drink to date night and even special occasions.

With one look at the menu it might be hard to figure out what to order, but for starters there is nothing better than the hearty and flavorful crab cake and the sizzling Canadian bacon, which comes extra thick and will have bacon lovers salivating. Before ordering the main course, people should try the signature Rocco Chopped Salad, which has mixed greens, peas, corn, avocado and more. The flavors and textures blend together to make a delicious and satisfying salad.


For people dining at a steakhouse, it is obvious that the main entrée should be steak and their Porterhouse steak for two comes sizzling off the grill. Paired with the creamed spinach, truffle mac and cheese or German potatoes, the juicy steak is the must try of the evening.

To please one’s sweet tooth, and if there is any room left, people should try the apple strudel, which is the quintessential fall dessert. Served warmed with a side of the delectable house made schlag, which is an uber-thick, rich and sweet decadent whipped cream, the strudel is the way to end the night.

Throughout the whole time people dine at Rocco there is one thing that is not on the menu that will impress all the dinners. The servers are extremely attentive to all the diners and have a vast knowledge of the food and wines. If patrons seem confused on what to get, the staff with guide them to make a decision that they will not regret.


Whether people are looking for the perfect date spot or even just a flavorful steak, then Rocco Steakhouse should be on their list. There is only one thing to remember when people dine there… bring an appetite because you won’t want to stop eating.

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