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Row Your Way To Better Health



Row House NYC is a state of the art rowing workout studio with three locations — Chelsea, Upper East Side, and Columbus Circle. This unique workout is high energy, low impact, and a full body group indoor rowing workout suitable for every fitness level and body type. The classes combine cardio and strength training using authentic rowing techniques and exciting music to keep you energized, focused, and avoid muscle injury.

The Chelsea location is on the 2nd floor of a building, and as you walk up the colorful staircase, you instantly feel energized when you see the stylish, clean, and very vibrant studio. The locker room is equipped with everything you need and lockers are available for use during your class. The studio staff is very warm and welcoming provide you with all the information you need, membership packages, and more. As you enter the row studio, four rows of rowing machines await you. The atmosphere is quiet at first, however, once one of the friendly and energetic group instructors walks in the door, the energy completely shifts and you will feel a sense of comfort, energy, and endurance.

For beginners, this class is great because every class the instructor goes over the rowing technique and will walk around and help you during your rowing session. This does not affect the speed and intensity of the class, and because the music is pumping and everyone is in their own “row zone” you are able to receive one on one attention in a group setting. The music is great, the room is dark, and you absolutely enjoy this workout!

Group Row 6


RH® Full Body 50—train all the major muscle groups from upper to lower body (50 min)
RH® Full Body 45— train all the major muscle groups, strengthening and conditioning your entire body.  Every muscle, every stroke (45min)
RH® Core 50— hone in on your core perfecting your posture, strength, and stability (50 min)
RH® Endurance 50—build up your time on the erg with lots more erg based drills.  (50 min)
RH® Express 35, a 35 minute version of this class, by popular demand. Perfect for experienced rowers.
RH® Stroke Clinic 50, a 50 minute workout that is capped at 12 rowers.  Take your stroke to the next level regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced rower.

The Full Body 45 feels quick but you know you’re working out hard, but because of the motivation, music, and energy of the class, it goes by quickly. After class you really feel the sweat and endorphins, and once you step outside the energy you have and feel all day is incredibly addicting.

In the mood for something different? Row your way to better health at Row House NYC and enjoy this popular, intense, and insanely fun workout at a studio near you.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever done a rowing workout before? What’s your favorite and least favorite part of it? Discuss below!

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