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Roxx Reloaded: A Fan Favorite Gets a Face Lift



If you’re walking through Midtown East, it is highly possible that you’ll walk right past Sushi Roxx, and outrageous and all around fun restaurant of Real Housewives fame. Don’t let its docile exterior fool you; inside lies a raucous and completely wondrous take on an establishment serving Japanese cuisine. If you’re unfamiliar, all of the servers at Sushi Roxx are professionally trained singers and dancers, and in a refreshing spin on dinner theatre, burst into song or dance throughout the meal.

Located in the Tuscany Hotel, Sushi Roxx has long been a favorite for us, and we were delighted to return to experience Roxx Reloaded, featuring an updated cocktail and dinner menu, new choreography by Dancing With the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff, and sparkling décor and costumes by none other than fashion icon (and Sushi Roxx fan) Betsey Johnson.

Here’s what Smirnoff has to say about her new role as Sushi Roxx’s resident choreographer:

“With such an entertaining atmosphere that incorporates not only a dinner style theater of performers and artists, it lets me bring my Latin style of choreography and creativity to most of the dances, if not all. I am also looking forward in choreographing other genres of music and match-ups, like Prince, Michel Jackson and Justin Timberlake, it¹s going to be a good time.”


The menu has also undergone a facelift, and these innovative new items enhance the already stellar collection of outside-the-box specialty rolls. Our favorites were the Rock Lobster BLT (lobster, avocado, bacon, cherry tomato and mayo aioli) and the Apollo Creed (spicy scallop, avocado, shiso leaf, tobiko, and drizzled eel sauce).

Not to be overshadowed by its new offerings, the menu still includes fan favorites like the tune flatbread pizza and the popcorn shrimp tempura – because who doesn’t love snackable fried shrimp.

If you’ve never been before, are celebrating a birthday or special event, or are just itching to mix up your dining out regimen, the new choreography and menu at Sushi Roxx is an absolute must. For more information on Sushi Roxx, check out this article!

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