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Save the Animals One Drink at a Time



When in doubt, vodka. When you’re out at a bar and can’t think of what you want to drink, vodka is usually the go-to choice. With so many vodkas to choose from, each better and smoother than the next, people usually opt for a well-know brand and don’t think twice about learning about other options. Well, we’re here to tell you about a luxury vodka you probably haven’t heard of, but should definitely add to your list. Snow Leopard Vodka is the first vodka made from spelt grain. It is distilled six times in small batches using natural spring water.

You’re probably wondering why this vodka is named after an animal and there’s actually an interesting story behind it. Founder Stephen Sparrow had a goal to make not only an amazing tasting vodka, but also one that would contribute to saving snow leopards from extinction. For that reason, 15% of the proceeds from company go directly towards snow leopard conservation efforts via The Snow Leopard Trust. Most people are unaware, but there is only an estimated 3500-700 snow leopards left in the wild, which is an abysmally low number.

Not only is this a vodka that does good, but it also tastes good. And unique! Because of the distinctive spelt grain used in its production, it gives the vodka a very smooth, yeasty flavor, which makes it ideal for both blending into cocktails and enjoying on the rocks. So next time you’re out at your local liquor store and go to grab good ol’ Absolut, remember that there are more options out there and one of them is Snow Leopard Vodka.

Twisted Talk: What’s your spirit of choice? What’s your go-to vodka brand? Discuss below!

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