Food For Thought — May 23, 2016 at 11:25 am

Score Champagne & Caviar on the Upper West Side



Champagne and caviar. What could be better?


Many people think that caviar is much too exclusive and expensive and therefore, don’t have the opportunity to enjoy it. Olma Food is a manufacturar and distributor of fine caviar and after their success with the Olma Caviar Boutique & Bar at The Plaza Food Hall, they’ve decided to open up shop on the Upper West Side as Olma Caviar Boutique & Lounge. Here, customers are able to sample single serving caviar, making it affordable and accessible to the masses. They offer a wide range of caviar varieties, from salmon red to hackleback to beluga. Single serving caviars can be ordered atop a blini or hard-boiled egg. We tried their caviar tasting platter, which allows you to sample every caviar variety that Olma offers. It’s a great way to discover what you like (our favorites were the paddlefish, white sturgeon and beluga).


The swanky lounge also offers other dining options, ranging from caviar pizza (basically caviar on a blini but in pizza shape) to mango duck salad to baked salmon filet. Pair your food with champagne, cocktails or chilled vodka. Beer, coffee and tea are also available. Impress a date, have a girls night out, have fun with family, no matter what you choose, this is a great spot to test the waters.

Twisted Talk: Are you a fan of caviar? What’s your favorite kind? Discuss below! 

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