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Shore House Slumming: A Summer Beach Read



Summer is right around the corner and I think I might be miles ahead of a lot of people when it comes to my summer reading list. Summer for me means more time to read in the beach, park, or any place where I can just sit back and be transported to another world. So the first book on my list that I have already read and enjoyed was Shore House Slumming; the perfect summer read to enjoy while you just sit back and relax!

Shore House Slumming is Carli Palmer’s second novel, and what a fun novel it was! Born and raised in New Jersey, Ms. Palmer’s first novel was titled Down The Aisle With Bridezilla and judging by her writing, she is my kind of gal! Shore House Slumming is the type of novel that you just eat up. You know those novels where you start reading and all of a sudden, it’s two days later and you still haven’t gotten out of bed or eaten because the book was that good? I am exaggerating a bit, I did take breaks to eat, but that is the gist of it.

The worst thing that can happen to someone has happened to Dana Kline. She lost her job just a few weeks before summer, isn’t that just peachy? The positive side of this story is that she actually has a lead on a new job, but it starts after summer is over. So what exactly is she to do when she is jobless, moneyless, and almost at her wits end?

The one thing that I realized while reading this book is that I felt like I was Dana, or at least a companion, that was traveling with her from home to home. From almost going to jail for finding a lost ring, to being caught in the crosshairs of a very bitter divorce (someone breaking into a house to steal a painting will probably make you think twice about house-sitting), Dana had a lot of material to write down all the crazy adventures that she went on.

This book overall was very well written and it was fun to sit down and read it from start to finish. However, I would have enjoyed seeing Dana spend some more time with her best friend before she started on her adventure. But while she did start her adventure traveling from a beach house to almost getting caught by the coast guard with drugs on a boat fairly fast, we got to see Dana develop as a character on her way down to Florida. I would like to see what happens after Dana starts her new job and life in Florida. The ending kind of left me wanting more.

This perfect summer beach read is now available at Amazon. If you want to get in touch with the author and be kept up to date with what she is up to, follow her on Twitter where she loves hearing from her fans. Start this summer off right with a fun and beachy read!

Twisted Talk: Have you started shopping for your Summer reads? What is your favorite summer book? Will you be picking up your own copy of Shore House Slumming by Carli Palmer? Discuss below!

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