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Sinful Colors for the Summer





Sinful Colors, a top notch nail polish company, has debuted two different summer collections in a variety of colors and I had the opportunity to try three shades of the nail polish.


What I find really interesting about the Sinful Colors Silk + Satin is that it strikes the perfect balance of being matte, yet it has a very soft texture that looks like satin. This collection features Matte about Blue (cornflower blue), Pipaya (coral), Prime Purple (lilac), Real Teal (Mermaid Green), Silver Solution (a shimmering silver), and Solar Flux (yellow). With so many varieties I had trouble choosing what I wanted to try, so I decided to try the Matte about Blue and the Real Teal; both pictured below. Matte about Blue is a cornflower blue that is very smooth to the touch and has a semi matte and silk texture. This cornflower blue is so subtle, yet so rich in color that it does not need the shine most nail polishes need to standout. The Real Teal was the most eye catching one to me, even more so than the Matte about Blue, because as soon as I saw it, it reminded me of mermaids. It is a semi-matte shiny green that is very pleasing to look at. When using any of the colors from Silk + Satin I do suggest using at least two coats so that you can get the maximum effect of the nail polish.

sinful-colors-matte-about-blue  sinful-colors-real-teal

The Full Throttle collection includes Rain Rubber (a burnout blue), Burn Rubber (a fiery orange), Race Rubber (purple), Rubber Ball (Pink), and Red Tired (a racy red). From this collection I was able to try the Red Tired nail polish, which is a very racy and radiant red. This is not an exaggeration because only one coat was needed and the color was very striking; think of Marilyn Monroe’s red lipstick and that’s what you get from this nail polish. One thing that I had to get used to was the texture of the red nail polish. At first I thought that there was something wrong with the nail polish, but once it was dry and I gave it some time I realized that the texture was part of the nail polish. The Red Tired nail polish had a semi grainy texture and my misconceptions quickly turned to delight as I held up the nails to the light.  It takes some time to get used to it but the ending result is very beautiful, especially when paired with the fiery colors like the red and the other colors in the Full Throttle collection.


Overall, I was very impressed with both of these new summer collections from Sinful Colors. The Silk + Satin collection, while more subtle than the Full Throttle collection, stands out just as much as the latter collection. The Silk + Satin collection from Sinful Colors will be sold exclusively at Walgreens and other mass retails for $1.99. The Full Throttle collection will also retail for the same price and will be available in Rite Aid in July and in Walgreens August 2014.

Twisted Talk: Which of the colors sound more appealing to you from both of the collections? Are you planning on buying these new collections? Discuss below!


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