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Sleep Woes? Not Anymore!

via Forbes

via Forbes

Ever have trouble sleeping? Yeah, join the club. Not getting enough, or enough quality sleep, is a public health epidemic, with stress as one of the leading causes. While many people are quick to grab that bottle of NyQuil, there are many healthier ways out there that can help you snooze soundly.

Last year, we discovered Dreampad, owned by Integrated Listening Systems. The parent company uses music and movement therapy to help improve brain function in patients with autism, head injuries and strokes. Throughout their programming, they came to develop the Dreampad, a plush, cozy pillow, outfitted with Intrasound Technology. This allows the user to listen to music, without anyone else hearing it, caused by the vibrations that travel directly to your middle and inner ear, and this causes the body to relax. Clinicians reported that around 80% of their clients had improved sleep through the Dreampad.


Unlike other remedies that may help induce sleep, Dreampad does not act as a narcotic to put users to sleep and doesn’t work for everyone, instead, it helps to relax both the mind and the body, which in turn, leads to sleep. Many test results on the product indicated that users reported less stress and the ability to both fall asleep and stay asleep longer through the night. Like many other users, when we tried out the Dreampad, we immediately were able to relax and unwind. It takes some time to get used to – I had to adjust the volume a few times to discover what suited me. I also would recommend soft, slow music as opposed your gym playlist (ha!). It’s so easy to use! You just download the Dreampad Sleep App, connect your smart device to the Dreampad and then select a song and volume. It’s as easy as that.

If you find yourself unable to fully unwind at night, give Dreampad a try. You’ve got nothing to lose! (Oh and did I mention it has become my favorite pillow? #sleepgoals)

Twisted Talk: Do you have trouble sleeping? Would you try using the Dreampad? Discuss below! 

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