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Snacking Made Easy with NatureBox



Snacking is now easy and healthy thanks to Naturebox. For the past few months I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about NatureBox, and while I have heard many good things about them, I have never had the chance to actually try some of their famous snacks. After finally having the opportunity to try them out, I am very pleased to know that this company does its best to provide healthy and nutritious snacks in a super convenient way.

NatureBox, a monthly subscription service, offers more than 100 different snacks that all offer healthy options and they contain no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. When you sign up for NatureBox you will receive a deluxe box membership that includes 5 full-sized bags for $19.95 per month. You have the option of choosing your first five snack bags for the month and can then customize your monthly box. With the large variety of snacks, you’ll be sure to encounter healthy snacks that you have not tasted before.


I had the chance to snack on five different and distinct snacks: the Sea Salt Sun-Crunch, Cinnamon Swirl Kettle Kernels, Sea Salt Pop Pops, Oat Bran Dippin’ Stix, and the Jalapeño Cashews. Every single snack tasted amazing! I can’t usually eat spicy foods but the Jalapeño Cashews were perfect for people like me since they were not too spicy. If I had to choose from the five, I would have to say that the Oat Bran Dippin’ Stix are my favorite. Usually when I look at Oat Bran I think of something that is healthy and doesn’t have much flavor to it, but the oat bran produced by NatureBox are bursting with taste. The other snacks tasted very good and, surprisingly, the kernels did not scratch the roof of my mouth. I could definitely see myself adding these snacks as part of my monthly box. Unlike chips and snacks that you can buy at the store, you can definitely get the full taste of the snacks made by NatureBox without the additives, making it a great snacking alternative. Healthy, Convenient, and Unique: NatureBox has a great equation with this.

If you want to be a part of the trend that is sweeping the nation and want to enjoy the convenience of having healthy snacks delivered to your door then make sure to visit the NatureBox website. You can actually start your first month with a free trial so that you have the chance to experience the snacks before fully committing. The free trial will include 4 single servings and 1 full-sized bag.

Twisted Talk: Have you tried NatureBox? What do you think about this mail order snack company? Discuss below!

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