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Some Sweet Suites at the Grand Hyatt New York



The hotels in New York’s Midtown East are not usually top of the list for the achingly hip, but they are a mainstay for people who really matter: the politicians and visiting dignitaries filtering in and out of the UN. It means the presidential suites in said hotels get used by, well, presidents.

So when the Grand Hyatt New York opened the doors to its most luxurious abodes for a Suite Party this month, it was worth it just for a peak at the life of the other half.

A monolith of black glass adjacent to Grand Central, the Grand Hyatt looks a little dated (it was completely rebuilt and modernized in 1980), and an eye-sore of a sports bar hangs conspicuously over the front entrance. But once you step inside the cavernous lobby space and get whisked up to the VIP floor, the ambiance becomes more cushy, subdued and, well, luxurious—thanks to a $130 million renovation in 2011. Long hallways with curated light fixtures point to unassuming doors, behind which lie some of New York’s best hotel rooms.


Due to how many presidents probably roam these hallways, it’s no surprise this Hyatt boasts two presidential suites, which are each considerably larger than most New Yorker’s apartments, with a bedroom, one and a half baths, a kitchenette, two living room areas and a dining room suitable for a meeting of up to 12 guests (can you even imagine the odds of getting that off Craig’s List?).

If you’re just as important but maybe a little cooler (think your Beyonce/Jay-Z or Chrissy Teigen/John Legends of the world), you might opt for the VIP Suite, which is all sophisticated design—complete with a lego monkey sculpture just begging to be the next victim of a Justin Bieber hotel room-trashing spree. This suite features three separate areas for sleeping, lounging and dining, with bath tubs to put a spa to shame. Everything is perfect for chilling, down the detail of quiet-closing doors.


If you’re not a leader of a small country or pop superstar, there is a new concept at the Hyatt that may appeal: Grand Lofts. These 500-600 sq ft spaces provide a ton of space to work and play in, without a bed getting in the way: instead a fold-out couch with a full Tempur-Pedic queen mattress is where you’ll sleep, tucking away when you have company. And these are genuinely some of the most comfortable beds in the hotel, plus the price for these spaces are typically the same as a regular room at the hotel. A nice option if you plan to host guests and don’t want them tripping over a hotel bed.

So while your Williamsburg hipster boutique hotels reign supreme on the cool scale, there’s something to be said about the classic luxury of the Grand Hyatt New York. There’s a reason it’s such an iconic hotel. And if you’re ever in need for a posh pillow to sleep on, you know where to look.

Grand-NY-Grand-Loft-004            DSCF3748

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite hotel in New York? Have you ever stayed in a presidential suite? Discuss below!

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