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Sophistication as Shown Through Victoria Scandale’s Latest Collection



The first time I had the chance to get a glimpse into the Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Victoria Scandale was during the Dorian Allen EP Launch party. I had a chance to glimpse just a few pieces from her collection but I was struck with how beautiful, sophisticated, and elegant the pieces were. Victoria Scandale’s collection can best be described as a minimalist style with clean cut silhouettes in neutral and solid colors. While she tends to stick to neutral tones, she also makes sure to add striking colors in some of the pieces to make them really stand out.

Victoria Scandale designs for the every day woman. The pieces from this latest collection are designed so that feminine beauty is showcased and enhanced with clean cut lines. The contrast between the neutral colors like nudes, creams, and white are further enhanced with striking hues of blues and yellows. This latest collection is for that ambitious woman who is out to conquer the world. Victoria Scandale does a great job in creating pieces that are feminine and exude an aura of grace, but are still very powerful with the clean cut silhouettes and the minimal embellishments. Each piece can be worn for work and can be easily transitioned to wear to an after work party by dressing it up.

victoria-scandale          victoria-scandale-1

Victoria Scandale is an international brand that is known all over the world. After debuting in Milan Fashion Week two seasons ago, she has perfected her craft in celebrating the feminine body and creating luxurious, sophisticated, and high-quality pieces that will be looked at as blueprints for years to come.  Make sure to visit the Victoria Scandale website to check out previous collections and shop for some of the amazing pieces.

Twisted Talk: What do you think of Victoria Scandale’s latest collection? Do you see yourself rocking some of these outfits? Discuss below!

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