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Spice Up Your Space with Laurel & Wolf


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Interior design has been given a modern shakeup and it is most definitely for the better. Laurel & Wolf  has changed the interior design industry by making it convenient, affordable and easy. If you don’t have the time to have an interior designer make multiple trips to your place, then Laurel & Wolf is what you should be using.

Laurel & Wolf is as an online interior design website where you can upload all your information and then get a design that fits your needs and taste. The site is very user friendly and you are sure to find a design that appeals to you. You start off by taking the Style Quiz. Once you start taking the quiz, you have to specify whether you are designing for your home or for your office. You are then shown pictures of beautiful designs that you can mark as “Love It” or “Leave it.” Once you finish the quiz, you create your profile. The best part about this quiz is that it tells you what your style is, which is good because I don’t even know how to describe my own personal style. While I know that I’m very eclectic, I did not think the quiz would pick up on it, but the smartypants quiz defined my style as Contemporary Eclectic. Designers then compete in a design contest for your space and the best one wins.

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So not only is the quiz accurate, but the designers that they have on board are talented and diverse. Laurel & Wolf was founded by Leura Spielman, a former interior designer who knows exactly what her target audience wants. You will also receive your style board, a shopping list, a floor plan, and you will have the chance to speak with your designer. Design packages range from $299-899 and there are thousands to choose from!

This really is an innovative, smart, and much-needed option for those that need a to design their personal space. Not only is it providing convenience for people that need to decorate their living spaces, but it’s also providing designers a chance to showcase their skills. For more information, packages, and pictures make sure to visit the Laurel & Wolf website.

Twisted Talk: Will you be using Lauren & Wolf now that you know about it? What appeals to you about this modern approach to interior design? Discuss below!

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