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Spooky Pranks for Halloween


If, like me, you love a good scare, then Halloween is your holiday. I do my best to fill my October with as many scary movies, haunted houses and costume-clad experiences as I can. But sometimes, it’s fun to go that extra mile. Sure, you can watch one of the many scary movies on demand (with some wine, of course), but wouldn’t it be fun to play some Halloween pranks on your friends and family?? [insert evil grin here]

Whether you live with roommates or loved ones, or even if you just happen to have some company over, we’ve got some fun frights you can try out using Verizon FiOS!


Thanks to the FiOS Mobile app, you can not only watch your shows and manage your DVR settings remotely, but it essentially turns your phone (or tablet) into a remote control. When someone’s watching TV, use your phone to change the channel to something scary. When they change it back, keep your finger on the trigger and keep switching it to a scary show or movie. You don’t even need to be in the room to do it! #ParanormalActivity


Using FiOS Digital Voice, you can prank call your friends and family a la The Ring and play some static noise for them, or ask them what their favorite scary movie is. However, don’t do this to strangers, it’s not very nice. #Scream

With high speed FiOS Internet, it’s easy to browse the web. Confuse your friends and family by setting their homepage to this adorable YouTube video. Or embed it in an email and tell your friends to watch! #AdorableBallerina

Of course, we aren’t the only ones that love a good prank. Check out some of our favorite prank videos:

*Disclaimer: I have received compensation for this post. My opinions are my own.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever pranked anyone before? What are your plans for Halloween? Discuss below!

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