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Styling with Fashion Expert Kimberly V



Music and fashion are my two favorite things, which is why I became elated when I had the opportunity to chat with fashion stylist Kimberly V Gedeon. She has been responsible for some of my favorite looks on some of my favorite musicians. Kimberly V has styled everyone from Ne-Yo and Drake to late night shows like Chelsea Lately. Never offering a generic look, it is her personal touch that defines her from the rest. Kimberly dishes about her fashion business, fashion icons, personal style and music.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

While interning for a fashion brand and attending fashion school, holding a dual major in Fashion Design & Fashion Merchandising, I quickly realized there was more to fashion then being a designer or fashion buyer, etc. I was exposed to the wonderful world of fashion styling. That’s when it clicked, that’s what I want to be! I had an amazing mentor, Cannon Brendon, that I assisted after my internship. That’s where my career started.

You have worked with a lot of people in the music industry. Do you think fashion is influencing music or is it the other way around?

Fashion for sure influences music. It’s interesting that more and more entertainers are mentioning so many designers’ names in their music. There was a time that those designers were only superstars in the fashion realm. Now it’s exposed to the masses.

You’ve worked both in L.A and New York City. How do the two coasts differ in their sense of style?

The streets of New York are a daily runway show. Everyone I see inspires me. Each part of the city has a different flare and vibe. It’s a melting pot for fashion across the world. LA has a great effortlessly chic vibe about the city.  They flaunt their style in a different way, sometimes through their homes or cars. I’ve learned to appreciate the simplicity in laid-back style.

What’s your favorite trend this winter season?

Winter white EVERYTHING!

KimberlyVYou started your own fashion company. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes, ALIAS-New York Los Angeles is a full-service fashion and wardrobe consultancy for the entertainment industries.

Who would be your dream client living or dead? And why?

My dream client would be Bianca Jagger because her actual lifestyle was a runway show. She was glamorous, sexy, a muse to the stars and of course a fashion icon. Madonna, of course! She is the original M-A-T-E-R-I-A-L Girl! We all took our fashion cues from her and she was never scared to take risks.

What is your advice to someone who wants to break into the styling business?

Study the greats that have paved the way for us. Work and intern with fashion companies or stylists who want to mentor you and show you the ropes. Learn, be patient and work hard. Be ambitious, but most of all, stay focused.

What artist is on constant replay on your iPod right now?

Well I call it a “Good Vibes” playlist with various artists. Everyone from Pharrell Williams, Mayer Hawthorne, Mary J. Blige, Daft Punk, Raphael Saadiq etc.

What is Kimberly V’s signature style?

I’m very eclectic. In my heart, I’m a high and low kind of stylist. I love when I can take a look from runway to reality. I love patterns, colors strong silhouettes, but I also love the signature of NEW YORK, all black everything.

To keep up with Kimberly V, follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @MsKimberlyV.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite winter style right now? What famous person would you like to style? Answer in the comments below!

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