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Summertime & the Living’s Easy at Industry Kitchen



Industry Kitchen first caught our eye when it opened back in 2015, and it has continued to impress New Yorkers ever since. Always revamping their menu and always innovative, this South Street Seaport locale is making waves in the food industry. (You may recall they made headlines when they started serving up the world’s most expensive pizza – covered in 24 karat gold and selling for $2,000.)

But we joined the restaurant to check out new additions to their summer menu recently, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Here are some of the favorites that we ate:


Seasonal Grilled Cauliflower – It takes a lot, in my opinion, to turn cauliflower into a desired menu item and Industry Kitchen has done just that. Along with pecorino, capers and lemon relish, this dish is not only beautiful to look at, but equally pleasing to eat.


Kale Salad – Delightfully refreshing for a summer salad, this one, comprised of quinoa, pomegranate, watermelon radish, pickled onion, feta, orange, toasted almonds and cider vinaigrette hit all the right notes.


Grilled Calamari Salad – I prefer my calamari fried, but this salad is not to be missed. Alongside baby greens, cucumber and sweet chili mango dressing, this calamari had just the right amount of spice to peak our interest.


Long Bone Duo Steak – If you even catch of glimpse of this dish, you’ll have no problem seeing why this one made our list. The 3-lb bone-in ribeye, served alongside potato curls and truffle port wine and gorgonzola sauces, is cooked to perfection and makes quite the statement. Plan on sharing this one with a friend or two.


Alligator Pizza – You read that right. This surprising delight is made with, yes, alligator, along with pepper jack, Cajun pepper, fresh tomato and onion.


Pop Candy Land Pizza – This is more of an Instagram order than anything else. Made with rainbow crust, cream cheese frosting, pop rocks and cotton candy, this pizza has people snapping pics left and right. While it tastes better than I imagined, it’s not something you can have more than one slice of.


Industry Puff – This dessert item is also meant for sharing. Picture a profiterole of epic proportions. This dessert is comprised of puff pastry, burnt sugar ice cream, berry compote, whipped cream, toasted almonds and drizzled with a dark chocolate syrup at your table. Get your forks ready!

In addition to all these new tasty bites Industry Kitchen has to offer, they’ve also introduced new summer sips, including Frosé, absinthe on-tap and the SPF 35 cocktail (made with Bacardi banana, Malibu, pineapple juice, lemon juice and simple syrup, topped with bitters and an orange peel).

So while summer is still in full swing, we suggest traipsing river-side and dining at Industry Kitchen while you can still snag these great new dishes.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever been to Industry Kitchen before? Would you buy a $2,000 pizza? Discuss below!

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