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Swipe No More: Online Dating Just Got More Enticing!



Single in the city? We feel your pain. In this day and age, chances are you or a friend you know have tried online dating. From Tinder and Bumble to Grindr and Plenty of Fish, there are a ton of apps and sites that cater to the unattached. While their intentions me be good, a lot of them have become known as sites to go to for hook-ups and the constant swiping of people’s photos leads to a serious problem — focusing solely on looks. How can you get to know a person only by their picture?
Christian Mingle, as you probably already know, is a site that first and foremost focuses on faith. Their team manually checks each and every profile to ensure that there are only quality Christians out there for you to interact with. If you’ve been struggling with dating or want to get your foot wet with online dating, Christian Mingle’s new #MeetMeOnMingle contest could just be right up your alley.
The contest allows real, everyday people (aka YOU!) to submit their photo via Twitter, Instagram or Direct Load for a chance to become the new face of Christian Mingle as part of a national ad campaign, as well as win $1,000. Along with your photo, all you have to do it include a description of why you want to become the ‘new face of ChristianMingle,’ and then wait for an auto-response that will give you instructions to complete your submission. All they ask is that you become a non-paying member to enter. The contest runs through February 13th and a winner will be chosen each week of the contest. (See official rules here.)
So say bye-bye to swiping and hello to someone new and you could just see yourself up on a billboard (with $$$ in your pocket).
Disclosure: I have received compensation for this article. My opinions are my own.
Twisted Talk: Have you ever tried online dating before? Will you let us know if you enter the contest? Discuss below!

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