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Formidable Women Drive the Plots of “Angel & Echoes”

Annually, the Brits Off Broadway has been a highlight as it transfers powerful work from Britain into the New York theatre scene. Invading America’s stages with some of the boldest and brightest work playwrights in Britain have to offer, the festival is constantly outdoing itself with the productions it brings. And with a production like “Angel & Echoes” by Henry […]

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“Kunstler” Sets to Explore the Man, Digs Into the Politics

There are personalities so big that no matter the profession, the grand stage just follows them around. Some of them do something huge with the bare minimum, they themselves make it special. Others use opportunities to create amazing things with already amazing products, but they themselves stand out from the crowd. Then there are the people like William Kunstler, people that […]

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Puppets and Wit Drive the Drama in “Made in China”

In a bleak world, where things do not seem to make sense, we are constantly looking for logic or reason that will explain the things that we cannot comprehend. This search always puts us on a journey in which we have to delve into an abyss of despair to come out enlightened, and somehow put the dots together of something […]

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“Terms of Endearment” Plays Like the Greatest Hits of an Outdated Film

“Terms of Endearment” is a beloved eighties film that tells the tale of women in the South, finding their place in a man’s world and keeping each other strong through it all. The film went to win its fair share of Academy Awards, and on its way, it managed to achieve a status that was unrivaled in the genre for years. Now, […]

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“Orwell in America” and the Tale of Two Great Performances

George Orwell is one of those names that seem to be on everyone’s mind even when you have never read a work of his. His unique take on communism, totalitarianism, and the vain nature of men has been studied for decades now, in high school and colleges. His work has been opening minds to have their own beliefs since he […]

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“Maestro” is a Virtuoso Portrayal of an American Icon

God and love. These things means the same for so many people, yet we try to find it in different ways. The idea of love by itself is vast. It can mean anything! From the sweet taste of strawberries in the summer to the person you spend your life with, we love. And we find God through these things, because […]

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“Butterfly” Captivates on 59E59

There’s a certain complexity inside of us that is impossible to express in words. The human mind has a way of interpreting what it sees to fit its own reality. That reality is shared but still remains individualistic. While what we all see is the same, we don’t give it the same meaning. That’s the beauty of being alive most […]

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“L’amant Anonyme” is a Minimalistic Misfire

I will always remember what a friend of mine told me once upon a time on his way to watching an opera which was being performed at a black box. He said “I’m not excited, operas on small stages do not work.” Obviously, I went ballistic, saying that art can be done anywhere with the right story and the right […]

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“Connected” is Worth Swiping Right For

The human being was made to be social. To unite in tribes and construct civilizations. The very nature of our progress is simple: we must woo somebody into attraction until that attraction becomes a real connection that can be explored. From that connection a family is formed, then two start to multiply. That family will then become part of a […]

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“Ideation” Makes a Strong Impression in NYC

In this world, this small big world, things happen constantly we know nothing about. Or we know about it but we don’t really. Or maybe everyone is on the joke, but you. Those questions amplify every time something big happens. Every time a tragedy strikes, the seeping confusion births a bit of paranoia. Every time we conceptualized saving humanity as […]

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