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The Bookseller: An Unpredictable Paranormal Thriller

The Bookseller, by C. Robert Cales, tells the stories of three different people from completely different walks of life. George Saunders lives with his wife Elizabeth above their rare book store in a small town outside of Boston. They are visited by an old friend, Frank Richter, who owns a funeral home and comes to visit to gift them a […]

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The Glittering Court Sets Sail for New (Fantasy) Worlds

“I’d never planned on stealing someone else’s life.” Richelle Mead‘s new book, The Glittering Court, takes readers on a journey of hidden identities and ambitions in the new fantasy worlds of Osfrid and Adoria. To avoid a horrible arranged marriage (and an even more horrible future mother-in-law), the young Osfridian Countess of Rothford jumps at her first opportunity to escape: impersonate a […]

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Antonía Barclay and Her Wildly Witty Adventure

A feisty heroine, a dashing Scotsman, a handsome megalomaniac villain and his idiot son, nonstop wit and laughter, and adventure. Roll all of these into one book and you will find Jane Carter Barrett’s Antonía Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore ! Antonía Barclay is not your average 16th century Scottish nineteen-year-old. As the beloved and only daughter of Lord and Lady Barclay, Antonía (pronounced […]

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The Silver Ships Space Adventure Continues

Libre: A Silver Ships Novel is the second installation of the Alex Racine saga. (Read our review of the first novel here.) When Alex Racine accompanies the remaining Méridiens on their return home, along with the New Terrans, they arrive to find that their planet has been overtaken by the silver ships. Half of the Confederation has been destroyed and now […]

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A Book Filled With Inspiration

As New Yorkers, we pass countless people on the street each day, but do you ever stop and wonder what story each individual carries? There is the person in the subway singing a song they wrote and slowly achieving their dream or the activist trying to spread knowledge about issues to make the world a better place, all these people […]

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After Perfect: What It Means To Fall From The 1%

Diving in to the audiobook After Perfect by Christina McDowell was similar to diving into an actual swimming pool. Initially, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it. The ostensible cry of “I’m too rich, it’s not fun anymore” hit me like ice-cold water, displeasing and offending me. I thought that the entire book was going to be about […]

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A Year in the Life of a Dog

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? What goes on in their furry little heads? In Plumdog, British illustrator Emma Chichester Clark draws and narrates the thoughts of her dog, Plum. Since 2012, Clark’s blog – also called Plumdog – amused followers with her whimsical portrayals of Plum’s everyday life. Now in print, Plumdog provides a comical insight into the mind of a very […]

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Body Counts: Fighting the 1980s’ AIDs Epidemic

Having been born in the late 1980s, I was fortunate to have missed the devastation and chaos that was the AIDs epidemic. A truly horrifying disease even today, it claimed the lives of countless people and sparked the need for social and medical change. Body Counts: A Memoir of Activism, Sex, and Survival is Sean Strub’s personal account of politics and […]

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A Murder Mystery Sets Chase in The Bloody Shoe Affair

You have to love the fact that literature gives us the opportunity to write down our crazy stories. We each have vivid imaginations and would love to have our own stories published. While reading The Bloody Shoe Affair by Joy York I had a lot of thoughts run through my head, and one of them was the fact that I […]

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Twists and Turns Abound in Neal Goldstein’s Latest Novel

I like leaving the world behind and immersing myself in a good series. Yes, there are stories that are better left to just one novel. But then there are those characters that deserve to have their stories told. What I find is that the author then has a difficult job in creating original stories and making sure that the main […]

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