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by / on August 22, 2017 at 3:55 pm / in Bottoms Up

Argo Tea, Not Just a Porch-friendly Beverage

Iced tea, generally thought of as a low-calorie alternative to water (according to girls “watching their sugar” everywhere), has reinvented itself as the perfect cocktail mixer. Argo Tea, generally known for its commitment to local and sustainable tea production, has teamed up with several note-worthy spirit companies to create some truly excellent cocktails. Raising brand awareness while providing a low-calorie alternative […]

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by / on March 21, 2017 at 12:00 pm / in Til the Sun Comes Up

La Milagrosa Breathes New Life Into An Old Concept

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of speakeasies, a new one comes along that makes you rethink if the genre is dead. When you arrive at La Milagrosa, you’ll wonder if you’ve gotten the wrong address. The night I went, I walked into what appears to be a bodega (which actually sells hard-to-find traditional Mexican ingredients) and spoke […]

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No Fun on the LES is Anything But

A dimly lit bar reminiscent of the old LES sits across the street from the flashy Ludlow hotel, one of the more recent additions to this stretch of Ludlow street. Cozy and welcoming, this wood-paneled bar, complete with heat lamps, is easily a place you could make your neighborhood bar if you live in the area. While No Fun has […]

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by / on September 9, 2016 at 12:35 pm / in The Twisted Library

Are You Capable of Drinking Like a Grown Up? Here’s Your Guide

  Drink Like a Grown Up is not your typical mixology book. It is an informative and entertaining read, composed by the highly secretive League of Extraordinary Drinkers, who want you to reconsider the way you think about and consume alcohol. Similar to the way you think about where your food comes from, learning more about the origins of your […]

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HENRI’s Backyard is Bringing the Best Backyard Straight to You

More of a companion piece than a sequel, the second Brooklyn-based restaurant by restauranteur Binh Douglas of the HENRI Hospitality Group is off to a great start. In a cozy space previously occupied by the Pickle Shack, Henri’s Backyard is a “bar-forward” laid back environment in which to sip a cocktail and an assortment of snacks under the protective canopy […]

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Summer ’16 Rooftop Destinations to Try All Season

It’s warming up out there, and any New Yorker knows what that means: drinking on rooftops. New York has a finite amount of space, and since we lack the possibility of expanding sideways, we opt for building up and up.  Rooftop bars are in abundance simply because when we want to be outside, we go up. Whether it’s a super […]

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Kobrick Coffee Rolls Out a Coffee-Cocktail List That is Unrivaled

If there was ever a place where a coffee bar can double as a chic place to enjoy an aperitif, the Meatpacking District is it. The soft lighting, the long, stainless steel bar aching to be leaned against, and the surprisingly lengthy list of coffee-infused cocktails all contribute to making Kobrick Coffee one of a kind. During the day, Kobrick’s […]

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Garfunkel’s: Meet Your New Favorite Speakeasy

In a city where there are so many people trying to be visible, we seek places in deep corners where we can hide behind velvet curtains or heavily guarded steel doors simply to avoid crowded, messy social interactions. The overstimulation and exposure of the senses in New York drive us to places of secrecy and valor.  It may or may […]

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Playing with Color, Cards, and Tequila: How Partida Took Brand Awareness to a Whole New Level

If you aren’t looking for the Soho Arts Club, odds are that you will walk right by it. On a quiet section of Wooster Street in the heart of Soho, this easily missed entranceway opens up into a Narnia-inspired alternate universe where Andy Warhol once spent some time. This chic white studio space was transformed by the joyful accents reflective […]

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by / on October 1, 2015 at 3:18 pm / in Bottoms Up

Craft Spirit Exchange: A Place for Small-Batch Lovers

In the heart of Williamsburg, several different craft spirit proprietors came together to trade recipes, distillation processes, craft secrets, and fandom – not unlike the underlying goal of, which launched a few weeks ago. CSX’s mission is to “connect enthusiasts and novices alike with a broad selection of amazing spirits, and provide exclusive access to rare and limited release […]

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