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“How To Be Safe” is a Well-Crafted Study About Mental Health

Mental health is something people are becoming more and more open about. Mental health was not something people were open about at all when it came to themselves. It is a tricky subject to tackle as a writer thanks to its multifaceted existence and the conditions it brings when it becomes unstable. How do you portray something so complex as […]

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’90s Kids, Relive Your Childhood

New York’s beloved Frigid Theater Festival is in full swing. On the agenda this year is a new show written and directed by Taryn Parrish called Hey ’90s Kids, You’re Old. Having grown up in the 90s myself, I was really looking forward to seeing this show and reliving the glory years where Beanie Babies were the shit, pog wars […]

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Richard The Third and Goal (R3G) Goes for the Touchdown, but Settles for a Field Goal

In 2000, Ray Lewis was convicted of murder for the stabbing of two individuals. His murder charges were later dismissed, but he still served a year of probation for obstruction of justice. In a moment that seems out of a movie, Ray Lewis came back the next year and won the Super Bowl with the Ravens. Richard III is a […]

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Petunia and Chicken at FRIGID New York

FRIGID New York is an annual fringe theatre festival in which artists receive 100 percent of their box office proceeds. Petunia and Chicken was one of this winter’s offerings, coming off a highly successful run in Cincinnati, where it was the Artists’ Pick at the Cincy Fringe Festival 2013 and the recipient of the Best Overall Award from the League […]

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Shooting Abe: A Tale of Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry takes on a whole new meaning in Shooting Abe. Directed by Eli Taylor and written by Charles Gershman, Shooting Abe is story about two brothers who know less about each other than they think. The riveting show explores the clash in one family between the Jewish tradition and liberated creative expression. The drama starts when Abe crashes a […]

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Red Heads, Coffee, and More at Frigid New York

If you love coffee, red heads, and “showiscals,” you will fall in love with Confessions of a Red Headed Coffee Shop Girl. Directed by Michael Rubinstein, the solo show starts in a cute coffee shop in the Toronto area. Acclaimed Canadian performer, Rebecca Perry plays a feisty, yet lovable red-head named, Joanie Little, a twenty-something graduate working as a barista […]

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Double Happiness: A Tale of Love, Loss and One Forever Family

Life is like a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs, twist and turns that no one can expect, but people learn to sit back and enjoy the ride. Even in their darkest hour, there is light of positivity that begins to shine. In Kelly Haramis’ Double Happiness, the audiences is taken on a journey of the heartache of losing her […]

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Drag Queen Stole My Dress

From the theater company that brought you last year’s award winning hit, Love in the Time Machines, (Audience Choice Award, Frigid New York, 2013) comes a brand new solo show, Drag Queen Stole My Dress. The autobiographical tale from Toronto’s Gillian English tells the story of love, loss, casino show girls, and a drag queen with kleptomania. In this one […]

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Frigid Theater Festival Is Back!

It’s that time of year where New Yorkers get to enjoy more shows and theater than ever. Horse Trade Theater Group is presenting the 8th annual Frigid New York Festival, which takes place at The Kraine Theater and Under St. Marks. The festival takes place beginning February 19th and ending March 9th. The goal of Frigid is to showcase New […]

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