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Your Last Minute Guide to Holiday Gifting

It’s the time of year when the holidays sneak up on you, and you’re completely unprepared for the multitude of gifts you have to buy. Friends, family, co-workers, significant others – the list seems to grow every year, which means that you’re just getting more popular as time goes on. Congrats! Here’s hoping your holiday bonus matches your increasing popularity. […]

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Alcohol You Definitely Want for the Holidays

It’s that time of year where the parties are plentiful, the food is bountiful and the alcohol is overflowing. During the holidays, everyone gets a bit more cheerful and we aren’t complaining. With all of the holiday parties and festivities that are sure to be popping up on your calendar, it’s important to be prepared. Sure, you can bring the […]

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Tech It Up for the Holidays

There’s no gift like the gift of fast and reliable cable and internet service, which is one of the many reasons why I love Verizon FiOS. Tech gifts are some of the hottest things to give and to get over the holidays, so we’ve rounded up some great products that will make life that much better, especially when used with […]

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8 Boozy Beverages to Gift Wrap This Holiday Season

Sometimes the easiest gift of all is the simplest. Alcohol. Almost everybody drinks it and it’s a quick and easy thing to grab on your way to a party. Plus, it’s practical because parties always inevitably run out of booze. We have put together some of our favorite options for this holiday season, so get to your nearest liquor store […]

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Gifts for Holiday Travelers

This time of year many people pack up their luggage and head on vacation. Some may go skiing, others to a tropical beach. Some might just even enjoy a nice staycation. No matter where you or your loved ones go this holiday season, make sure you get them gifts that will travel well with them. Don’t worry, we’ve got some […]

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Tone It Up in the New Year

If you are having trouble giving that special someone a gift for this holiday season you should look into two boards that are helping people get in shape and stay fit in a convenient way. If you have friends that are already planning on losing weight for the New Year and staying healthy — either fitness addicted friends or friends […]

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Susty Party: Products for All Your Party Needs

The holidays are upon us and it’s always a hassle to clean up the dishes, especially when you have dinner and invite the whole family over. So instead of having the dishwasher piled ceiling high with plates and other tableware, why not use disposable plates this year? Even better, why not use the compostable and renewable products that Susty Party […]

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James Jeans: The Perfect Fit

Jeggings move over! The James Twiggy Dancer is what all the girls will be wearing now. James Jeans is a brand of jeans that is worn by stars like Zoe Saldana and Jessica Chastain, and has now launched the coveted James Twiggy Dancer. This new collection gives women the availability to feel comfortable and not restrained. So what makes this […]

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