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Simon Indian Palace Gives Warmth to a Budding Neighborhood

  The upper 50’s/lower 60’s on the east side of Manhattan is a bit of a geographic no man’s land. Not quite Midtown, not quite the Upper East Side, this area has taken on some alter egos in the past few years (Turtle Bay, Tudor City, Sutton Place – ish), but it still gives off the feeling it doesn’t quite […]

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Utsav: Modern Indian Fare in the Heart of Midtown

While it seems like a new restaurant opens up in this city every other day, it is no small feat to keep a restaurant open in New York City. Maintaining a steady clientele and managing the constant adjustment of sky rocketing rents, as well as catering to the ever evolving demands of New York City food and dining, even the […]

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Move Over Chipotle: Chutney’s the New “CH” Word for Lunch

Tired of having to ask for extra guac? Ask for extra chutney instead and save your extra dollar(s). If you like the Chipotle model of fast food that doesn’t feel like fast food, and you have a hankering for Indian, you’ll want to try Chutney Kitchen (8th Ave. Between 51st and 52nd). The casual Indian restaurant opened up earlier this […]

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A Look Inside the Newly Renovated Haldi Restaurant

I am really proud of the fact that I’m finally accustomed to eating Indian food. I love to taste food from different countries, because that’s the best way to learn more about their culture right? Or maybe that’s just me. Being that I can’t eat spicy food I was very pleased with the quality, taste, and the variety of dishes […]

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Desi Galli Introduces Healthier Versions of Indian Dishes

There is nothing that I like more than seeing an independent woman start a business, build it up from the bottom and turn it into a successful business that stays true to its identity. This is exactly what owner PriaVanda Chouhan has done with Desi Galli. Desi Galli specializes in healthier versions of traditional Indian dishes. Once you go inside, […]

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Fresh Indian Cuisine at Savoury

Indian cuisine in New York City is always fun to discover. Every restaurant has a slightly different style and plenty of meat and vegetarian options. Savoury Indian Restaurant and Bar on the Upper West Side serves up some really fantastic Indian cuisine.   Starting off with the Garlic Naan and Vegetable Samosas is always a good way to go. This […]

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Vegetarian Delights in the Midst of Curry Hill

You just don’t mess with success. Kailash Parbat, an authentic Sindhi restaurant that has been around for over 60 years, with locations across the globe, finally placed roots down in New York City. The restaurant is known for its distinct vegetarian street food dishes and fits right in in its neighborhood in Curry Hill. Because of the partition in India […]

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Fast, Easy & Delicious: Soho Tiffin Junction

First came Chipotle, now comes Soho Tiffin Junction, a new fast-food option for those looking for scrumptious and healthy Indian cuisine. Founders Jawahar Chirimar, Sam Subramaniam and M. Mahadevan decided to bring to life this concept, which was inspired by their childhood days of bringing packed lunches (tiffins) to school. Guests of the restaurant can customize their meals, beginning with […]

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Pippali Now Open in Murray Hill

Tamarind’s chef Peter Beck ventured due east for his opening of Pippali, where he brings the same kitchen know-how (Michelin star-worthy) for inventive Indian dishes in the heart of Murray Hill. Stepping off of East 27th street, guests are greeted by an amber-hued dining room and sleek bar, where bartenders prep chaas and lassis for thirsty diners. Leading the meal […]

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Kokum: A Delicious South Indian Spot

Kokum, an incredible South Indian restaurant, will win your heart with their style of traditional cooking. This authentic Southern Indian cuisine inspired restaurant does not have the Tandoori Chicken and Nann one would expect from the usual Indian restaurants. Southern Indian cuisine is one that is inspired by herbs and spices, and the heavy use of more coconut milk and no […]

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