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by / on January 3, 2018 at 1:12 pm / in Food For Thought

Make Sure to Check Out This International Steak House

Tudor City might not be known as a hopping location to spend a night out, but now its residents have something to look forward to, and other city dwellers have a reason to head there. Tudor City Steakhouse is a next generation steakhouse that popped up this past Fall. Making it stand apart from other city steakhouses is its ode […]

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by / on May 22, 2017 at 2:25 pm / in Blushing Beaut

Namaste Outside with Yo Yoga!

Yoga under stars? You can get your flex on at Yo Yoga!‘s Midtown studio both indoors and outside on their enchanting rooftop under the stars. Founded by Rebecca Weible, the studio hosts classes, workshops and events outdoors on their private rooftop whenever the weather is 68 degrees or warmer. Last week, we spent our evening at the outdoor rooftop studio, […]

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Good Stock Knows Its Soup

Nestled within the bustling Urbanspace Vanderbilt food hall lies the latest location of Good Stock, a soup mecca that you shouldn’t miss. I have always been a soup fiend, I just can never get enough. And when the weather is cold and blustery, it really just hits the spot. Good Stock founder Ben LeBlanc is just as inviting as his […]

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Simon Indian Palace Gives Warmth to a Budding Neighborhood

  The upper 50’s/lower 60’s on the east side of Manhattan is a bit of a geographic no man’s land. Not quite Midtown, not quite the Upper East Side, this area has taken on some alter egos in the past few years (Turtle Bay, Tudor City, Sutton Place – ish), but it still gives off the feeling it doesn’t quite […]

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Luke’s Lobster Warms Up This Winter

Luke’s Lobster is a staple in New York City. Since it first opened in the East Village back in 2009, it has grown to have multiple locations, not only in New York, but across the country. The restaurant is known for serving up sustainable Maine-style seafood dishes, and we are big fans. Their Midtown East location hosted us to try […]

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by / on September 21, 2016 at 3:58 pm / in Til the Sun Comes Up

Roxx Reloaded: A Fan Favorite Gets a Face Lift

If you’re walking through Midtown East, it is highly possible that you’ll walk right past Sushi Roxx, and outrageous and all around fun restaurant of Real Housewives fame. Don’t let its docile exterior fool you; inside lies a raucous and completely wondrous take on an establishment serving Japanese cuisine. If you’re unfamiliar, all of the servers at Sushi Roxx are […]

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A Midtown Gem: Bill’s Townhouse

This could just be one of my favorite new spots in town. Visiting Bill’s Townhouse is a wondrous delight…the recently reopened three story townhouse is like a museum, with old black and white photographs covering the walls, a library of leather bound books, and all the ambiance of a mid-1800’s speakeasy. If it weren’t for the delicious food, we’d spend […]

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Some Sweet Suites at the Grand Hyatt New York

The hotels in New York’s Midtown East are not usually top of the list for the achingly hip, but they are a mainstay for people who really matter: the politicians and visiting dignitaries filtering in and out of the UN. It means the presidential suites in said hotels get used by, well, presidents. So when the Grand Hyatt New York opened […]

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Beijing Takes Over New York Thanks to Philippe Chow

It’s not often that a restaurant in New York City lasts long enough to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Philippe New York is one of the few spots that has achieved this honor. The Beijing-style cuisine that put this spot on the map has attracted everyone from local New Yorkers to some of the hottest celebs, including Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ophrah […]

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Old School French Fare Gets Dished Out at Le Périgord

Back in the day, things were done a certain way. People got dressed up in their finest clothes and jewelry to go out to dinner, they took in shows at the theater regularly, and they expected a certain level of service and attentiveness when they spent a night on the town. Nowadays, it’s more rare to don your finest attire […]

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