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“Whiskey Pants: The Mayor of Williamsburg” Breaks Your Heart as You Tap Your Feet

It’s that time of the year, folks! The time the artists from Mind The Art Entertainment puts on a production and we get to sit down and enjoy the dark and entertaining nature of Christian De Gré’s storytelling. From a tale about bullying and its effects, to a chronicle of a man’s love life through the ages, Mind The Art has always […]

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“Buffalo Heights” is an Outdated Production of a Serious Subject

To create a truly thought provoking comedy is a hard task to pull off. To make people laugh and accept absurdity in stressful situations is an art in itself. Many playwrights try, and most fail in the process. There are lines that are hard to cross without being offensive, or simply looking ignorant of the subject itself. Tongue In Cheek Production‘s last […]

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“My Heart Is In The East” Brings the Power of Language to the Forefront

Language in all its glory is the main source of the history we know. The evolution of language through the ages, and what it managed to accomplish when used right, is fascinating. Through centuries, languages have been created, bent, used and abused to entertain and progress our societies. Language is both our most important tool and our way to a […]

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End of the Year Celebration: Top 10 Off and Off-Off Broadway Productions of 2016

Last year I started this article with a celebration of surviving the madness that is the holiday season. Well, this year I start this with a big: WE SURVIVED 2016! What a year, folks! There are many reasons we will remember 2016, some great, some not so great. Mostly we will remember this year as the potential moment that changed […]

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“Pumpkin Pie Show: Stump Speeches” Is How We Really See This Election year

Clay McLeod Chapman is back! The master of Lower East Side domestic horror is once again bringing his particular style to the stage with his annual Pumpkin Pie Show. If you haven’t seen one of these before, Clay and his ensemble tell stories to us which seemed very familiar, yet are disrupted by a twisted take on them. Last year, […]

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“In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play” Reeks of True Artistry

Period pieces off-off Broadway get a bad rep. It has to do with preconceived ideas of what you are about to see. Because somethings gotta give, right? Most of these companies do not have a third of what a Broadway (and many Off-Broadway) production companies have, yet they dare to go into a genre that demands a lot to be […]

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2015 Top Ten Off and Off-Off Broadway productions: A Celebration

Yes! We survived the holidays!!!! They are over!! It’s the beginning of a New Year, but what a year was 2015 for theater enthusiasts! Outside the big shiny area with names  like “Hamilton,” or “Spring Awakening,” productions were wowing audiences. The festivals provided us with terrific productions from independent companies that have to hustle and grind to do what they love. […]

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