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DIRECTING THEATER: Female is the Future – Meet Rachel Stevens

We are in the middle of summer here in New York City, which means theater festivals have taken over the city and talent is blossoming on every corner as we speak. In the years since I started working in the theater industry, I have seen its fair share of ups and downs and let me tell you, we are on […]

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“Pedro Pan” Is As Entertaining As It Is Important

As a critic, I go to the theater a lot. Most times it’s not even to review a show. I love theater. I love the intimacy it provides. I love the imagination that is triggered and the innovative way in which it keeps evolving. To make a stage into another place, transport us into another world, and make us care […]

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Artists in Fringe NYC: Rebecca Aparicio and Operation Pedro Pan

In the 1960’s the world was in turmoil. Things were changing fast and fully. It was a brave new world fighting the old traditions that had created the chaos. In Cuba, a new government was taking over. Caught in the middle of a senseless cold war that stripped them of many rights and with a leader with questionable motivations who […]

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