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A Review of Strange Sun Theater’s “Wickedest Woman”

A modern audience that sees the world premiere of Wickedest Woman during its run at the WP Theater will know abortion as a controversial topic. The morality of the medical procedure is frequently contested as states introduce laws to restrict access to abortion. This narrative would be familiar to the real Ann Lohman, aka “Madame Restell,” the midwife and abortionist whose […]

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“Life x3,” the Universe, and Everything

In the new production of Yasmina Reza’s Life x3 by the New Light Theater Project, the host of a disastrous dinner party (Henri) laments the insignificance of human beings and their personal lives in comparison to the universe. One of his guests (Ines) counters that human beings and their personal lives are what make the universe interesting, asking, “Where would the […]

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A Review of “Bernie and Mikey’s Trip to the Moon”

Bernie and Mikey’s Trip to the Moon, playing through December 2nd with the Strangemen Theatre Company at 59E59 Theaters, is the first full-length play by Scott Aiello. A note from Artistic Director Val Day mentions that the play is inspired by Aiello’s relationship with his sister, who has a disability. The story’s roots in personal experience is hardly surprising, because the […]

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Controlling the Narrative in “Escape”

“I’m a person.” This line is said by all three female characters in Escape, a new play that just completed its run at the 2018 New York International Fringe Festival. The context is different each time, but each woman has the same plea and the same demand: to have her humanity respected and taken seriously. It’s a request that neither […]

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Divisive Politics and Dead Presidents in “The War Party”

In a century where American citizens are bitterly divided over politics and uncharacteristically laser-focused on the upcoming midterms, The War Party (playing for five performances in The New York International Fringe Festival) couldn’t be more timely. Playwright Vincent Delaney chooses an intriguing protagonist for his portrayal of this contentious era: an incumbent Republican Senator suffering a crushing defeat to a […]

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A Review of Renee Taylor’s “My Life on a Diet”

On the night I saw Renee Taylor’s one-woman show “My Life on a Diet,” my plus-one texted me ahead of time to ask if she should “save some calories” for a drink or a snack after the performance. “Trying to adhere [to my calorie budget] as much as possible from July-August,” she explained. She was referring to a meal plan […]

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Gay Pioneers and Preservationists in “The Pattern at Pendarvis”

Straight people have a tendency to view gay people as breakers of tradition, or rebels against the status quo. Whether this perspective manifests itself in bigotry and discrimination or in a positive appreciation of gay culture, it effectively categorizes gay people as “other.” With their vibrant subculture, they are seen by straight people as changing or challenging tradition. Gay people are […]

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A Colorful Romance in “First Love”

First Love, currently playing at the Cherry Lane Theatre, takes place in the surrealist world of Magritte, where a young woman (a magnetic Taylor Harvey) wears a top hat that appears in many of the Belgian painter’s pieces and smokes a pipe reminiscent of the one featured in “The treachery of images.” But a background in art history isn’t necessary […]

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The Beautiful Intensity of Female Friendships in “Let’s Get Ready Together”

Let’s Get Ready Together, written by Lizzie Stern and directed by Lily Riopelle, is a story about the friendship between three young women navigating their first semester of college. It is a story about daughters separated from their mothers for the first time, and the young women’s need for continued closeness with their mothers, conflicting with their desire for independence. […]

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Alternating Currents: A Look into Life in the City

Alternating Currents, the Queens segment of The Working Theater’s “5 Boroughs/1 City” theater initiative, examines the relationship of two newlywed electricians who move from a run-down apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn to a home of their own in Electchester, an apartment complex in Flushing, Queens. Alternating Currents hones in on the concept of community, and what it means to be a […]

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