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by / on October 7, 2015 at 3:20 pm / in Get Cultured

A Day in the Life of: Patricia Cardona Roca

I had a chance to work with and shadow an actress for a day and it was exciting to see how hard actors have to work to be the best that they can be. While New York City may be the city where everyone comes to live out their acting dreams, it is very hard to stand out among the […]

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by / on August 21, 2015 at 11:59 am / in Get Cultured

Leela NYC Theatre Festival Celebrates Non-Traditional Casting

New York City is the biggest apple and you are bound to find something do, watch, or eat at every single hour of the day. When it comes to theatre, there are never too many festivals so it’s always great when a fresh new festival pops up and brings us something new. The Leela Theatre Festival is a brand new festival […]

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Lonesome Traveler: A Musical Journey through Folk Music

A rollercoaster ride of emotions, Lonesome Traveler is amongst one of the best productions that I have seen so far this year. I don’t consider myself a fan of folk music, so I found myself excited yet curious to see what I was going to witness at 59E59 Theaters. I found myself surrounded by people that all knew the songs that were sung […]

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by / on February 5, 2015 at 2:00 pm / in Get Cultured

Sex Tips for Straight Women From A Gay Man

Sex Tips for Straight Women From A Gay Man will have you bursting out in laughter throughout the entire night. There is not one instance where the show does not provoke a wave of laughter from the audience. I recently saw a performance of Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man and it was amongst one of the […]

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Spitting in the Face of the Devil Delivers

United Solo Theatre has done it again. Spitting in the Face of the Devil, written and performed by Bob Brader, was originally performed September 25th to a sold out show. A second show was added on November 9th for those that did not get to experience this emotional story the first time. An emotional and touching story, Bob Brader really […]

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I Laughed, I Cried, I Clapped: Baba by Alex Mahgoub

I had the pleasure of attending the United Solo Theatre Festival to see a performance of Baba on October 8th at Theatre Row. Written and performed by Alex Mahgoub and directed by Armando Merlo, Baba took part in the 5th anniversary of the United Solo Theatre Festival. Alex Mahgoub was actually inspired to perform his own solo show after his […]

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Boomerang Theatre Company Presents Love’s Labour’s Lost

The Boomerang Theatre Company has done it again. The last time I attended a production by The Boomerang Theatre Company was to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Central Park and enjoyed it tremendously; this time I was fortunate to catch a performance of Love’s Labour’s Lost at Bryant Park. Written by William Shakespeare and directed by Cailin Heffernan, Love’s Labour’s Lost […]

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Fringe NYC presents Urban Momfare

Every year I am excited for August to roll around for two reasons; my mother’s birthday and The Fringe NYC Festival. Whether volunteering at the various venues during the festival or just sitting back and watching the different plays, I always enjoy the festival. This year the Fringe festival is celebrating its 18th anniversary and this year’s catchy theme is “Fringe […]

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by / on June 25, 2014 at 10:45 am / in Get Cultured

Take a Trip With A Map To Somewhere Else

I had the pleasure of attending the opening of A Map to Somewhere Else, a play written by Reina Hardy and presented by the Everyday Inferno Theatre Company. The Everyday Inferno Theatre Company has presented such works as Something Wicked, If on a Winter’s Night, Briar Rose & The Thirteenth Fairy, and The Golden Hour, amongst many other plays. A […]

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