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by / on November 7, 2017 at 11:00 am / in Til the Sun Comes Up

Whiskey Feast Comes to NYC

Anyone who regularly reads Manhattan with a Twist knows that I’m no stranger to whiskey. So when I heard that an event called Whiskey Feast is coming to the city this weekend, I knew I had to learn more. This amazing food and drink festival from Cannonball Productions (they’re the superstars behind the Bacon and Beer Classic), will take place […]

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by / on June 13, 2017 at 12:10 pm / in Bottoms Up

Whisky, a Hudson Cruise and a Water Spirit: Just Another Sunday in New York

If you happened to set sail on the Hudson on a Sunday in June—or had some really good binoculars—you weren’t hallucinating if you saw a strange sight: the figure of a man-like creature, bedecked in seaweed hopping off a speed boat and onto a Circle Line-esque tourist boat. It was the Ardbeg Kelpie in living, breathing form. What’s Ardbeg? That’s […]

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Whisky Live 2017: A Recap of Our Favorites

Every year whisky lovers gather at Chelsea Piers to partake in the event known as Whisky Live. Here, attendees can try expressions from their favorite brands, as well as discover new, small batch brands from near and far. We loved trying unique expressions from some of our favorites, like Jack Daniels, Usquaebach, Yamakazi and more. However, the highlight of Whisky […]

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A Not-To-Be-Missed Event for All Whiskey and Beer Enthusiasts

Whiskey and beer. Nothing goes down smoother. Which is probably why the 4th annual Prohibition themed beer and whiskey tasting festival, East Ville des Folies, is bringing it back to NYC for what is sure to be another successful year. Taking place on Saturday, January 16th, from 2:30-5:30pm at Webster Hall, this one-of-a-kind event takes you back in time to […]

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Make Sure Irish Whiskey Is On Your Radar

While vodka is clearly the most popular spirit in the states, Irish whiskey is on a surge and ready to take over. Irish whiskey has been said to be the fastest growing distilled spirit category in the world. So when I received an invitation to The Jeffery for a Teeling Whiskey tasting, I quickly jumped at the chance to learn […]

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Move Over Fireball, A New Flavored Whiskey Is About to Knock Your Socks Off

Tea + whiskey = heaven. Which is obviously why the folks over at Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey came up with a killer spirit that combines two beloved drinks into one. The whiskey is comprised of a proprietary blend of green tea sourced from select farms in China, and is then brewed and blended with American rye and a bit of […]

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Blade and Bow: Your New Favorite Bourbon

Boasting a product that exudes the quality and the mystery in its name is no easy feat, but the producers at Blade & Bow have managed to improvise and overcome with a truly spectacular product. On a thunderous summer evening of late, we had the magnanimous opportunity to celebrate the New York rollout of a new Kentucky Straight Bourbon.  The […]

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Teeling Irish Whiskey Sets the Bar High for Competitors

With St. Patrick’s Day just weeks away, it is with perfect timing that the Teeling Whiskey Company launches their latest expression in the United States. The world renowned Irish whiskey company is already widely revered in the industry for their Small Batch rum cask finished Irish whiskey, so it comes with no surprise that their newly launched Single Grain is […]

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Whiskey Live is a Dream Come True

Whether you prefer scotch, bourbon, moonshine, Irish whiskey or American, there is one event that brings everyone together, no matter where your allegiance lies. Whiskey Live is an annual, internationally renowned tasting event, which recently took place in New York City. The event, which is now in its eleventh year, is produced by Whisky Magazine, and allows New Yorkers the […]

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Three Cheers for Jimmy Russell and Wild Turkey

Bourbon never goes out of style, and with the celebration of Master Distiller Jimmy Russell‘s 60th Anniversary with Wild Turkey, it’s only getting better. Russell, now considered the longest tenured, active master distiller in the world, has dedicated his life to the craft and skill of whiskey making. Only a small handful of his successes include the creation or co-creation […]

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