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Take a Bite at 212 Steakhouse



New York offers an array of culinary delights, but some of the best restaurants serve delicacies that cannot be found anywhere else. One of the latest and trendiest steakhouses in Midtown East is 212 Steakhouse, which is the only location that received approval to serve true Kobe Beef in the East Coast. From the moment people walk through the doors, the experience at 212 Steakhouse is tranquil and relaxed compared to other steakhouses in New York.


Even though steak is their speciality, one look at the menu and it will be evident that any choice is the right choice. Some of the appetizers that grab people’s attention are the crab cakes and beef tartare, but there two items that need to be tried. The Wild Salmon Avocado Ceviche and the Grilled Octopus are not usually found on restaurant menus, but will pleasantly delight patrons. The sushi quality octopus is served with sweet mini peppers, onions and red wine vinegar, all mixed together to make a delicious dish. From someone that never ate octopus, it was full of flavor and definitely willing to order it again.


There is a probably a slim number of people that have tasted authentic Kobe Beef and will never forget that experience. When foodies hear the term Kobe Beef, there is an automatic correlation to high prices. 212 Steakhouse has been certified by the Japanese Kobe Beef Council and because of their unique relationship to the distributor, they can offer the high class product at 60% and 80% off regular market price. With a minimum of 3 ounces, the beef is offered in ribeye, stripling and tenderloin, which average $15 per ounce.

212_steakhouse_cocktail                                                     212_steakhouse_1

As people wait for the moment their Kobe steak arrives, they sip one of the creative cocktail that their mixologists serve. Whether people give a glass of white wine or vintage cognac a try, there are endless choices of premium and rare spirits. Once the highly anticipated moment comes to taste the Kobe beef, people with feel like they are in food heaven. With just one bite, the tender steak will make people feel they are biting into a cloud and not a piece of meat.

The side dishes make a perfect compliment to the beef, including the truffled mashed potatoes and the creamed spinach. If people bring a big appetite to the table, they should consider ordering one of the porter house steaks that come in 28 ounces and 40 ounces. Not only is the Kobe steak mouthwatering, but the dry-aged porterhouse will make 212 Steakhouse your steakhouse destination.

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