Til the Sun Comes Up — July 19, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Taking Risks with Sapporo & Blind Barber



Beer, burgers, and…haircuts?! Yup, that was the theme of the evening for the Blind Barber‘s inaugural Epic Risks, Great Rewards event. The barbershop and speakeasy teamed up with Sapporo beer to launch an original video series highlighting risk takers. Both brands were started by risky moves — Sapporo founder Seibei Nakagawa left Japan for Germany at 17 and went on to found the Sapporo beer empire. Similarly, Jeff Laub and Adam Kirsch of Blind Barber both left traditional career paths to forge into a brand new business.


The inaugural event drew in plenty of guests, all of whom enjoyed Sapporo tall boys, delicious ramen burgers by Keizo Shimamoto and the opportunity to score a free “risk taker” haircut. Basically, you leave your hair’s fate in the hands of the barbers, but hey, it’s free! The New York City event was hosted by Adam Kirsch, where the premiere installment of the new video series was shown, while Jeff Laub held a similar event in Los Angeles. The first installment features photographer Brian Willette and can be seen here. Each installment will profile someone who has taken great career risks. Sounds like something we can get behind.


Besides, any place that offers beer with your haircut gets a thumbs up in our book.

Twisted Talk: Are you a fan of Blind Barber? Have you tried Sapporo beer before? Discuss below!


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