Bottoms Up — January 29, 2015 at 3:45 pm

Taste the Forbidden Fruit



If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then a Forbidden Traveler Apple Ale a day surely is even better for your health. The Traveler Beer Company, a craft beer company that runs out of Burlington, Vermont, has kickstarted 2015 with the launch of their latest craft beer. The company, which is known for its original and fun beers, keeps its reputation glowing with Forbidden Traveler.

The wheat beer is brewed with actual real apple and the result is awesome. Reminiscent of a mix between a regular beer and a cider, yet way less sweet, this beer gets two thumbs up. Not too hoppy, heavy or sweet, it hits all the right notes. This unconventional brew is one of Traveler’s seasonal beers, so make sure to pick up a six-pack while they last!

In addition to Forbidden Traveler, the company produces others beers made with real fruit ingredients, including some of their year-round options like Curious Traveler (made with lemon and lime) and Illusive Traveler (made with grapefruit). To try out some of their unique brews for yourself, head to their website and find where you can pick some up near you:

Much like Eve, we couldn’t resist taking a bite out of this apple.

Twisted Talk: Have you had Traveler Beer before? What’s the most unique beer you’ve ever tried? Discuss below!

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